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The Elk Grove Tribune is an Elk Grove news site which portrays local and community news, community events, and supports local businesses. Our Elk Grove news content comes from local authors throughout the community. We are not a one-man blog with one-person's opinions.

We are your community Elk Grove news site. Of, by, and for Elk Grove!


Meet the Team

The Elk Grove Tribune reporters, writers, and columnists are Elk Grove residents and part of the fabric of our great community. We are Elk Grove News!

Dr. Jacqueline "Jax" Cheung

Food, Parenting, Adoption, Community, & News

Dr. Jacqueline "Jax" Cheung, DrPH, MBA, is our Editor-In-Chief. In addition to her duties with the Elk Grove Tribune, Jax also works as a Blogger, Freelance Writer, and Adoption Advocate with her foodie, parenting, adoption advocacy, and local events blog and adoption ministry Jax Chronicles. She was voted Sacramento Area A-List Best Local Blogger 2014, 2015, & 2017 and Best of Elk Grove Best Blogger 2016 & 2017. She enjoys freelancing for Sacramento4Kids.

Mrs. Kay

Staff Writer

Food Advice

Mrs. Kay is a food expert and the former owner of Mrs. Kay's Sweet Treats. She is your local cooking expert. Her specialty is sweet confections and desserts. Have a cooking question? - Just ask!

Dhaval Shah is our Sports Writer. He keeps us informed about local sports games and activities.

W. Ann Jones

Staff Writer

Stories, Community, & News

W. Ann Jones is a local children's book author, freelance writer, and copy editor. Ann writes short stories, news and community articles, and anti-bullying children’s books. Nurtle the Turtle is one of her anti-bullying children’s books. She also enjoys freelancing for Sacramento4Kids.

Emily Autenrieth

Staff Writer

Food, Community, & News

Emily Autenrieth, M.A., has worked as a technical writer for various industries since 2007 and as an independent freelance writer and editor EmilyAutenrieth.com since 2012.

Brianna Siliva

Staff Writer

Food, Community, & News

Brianna is a California native and Elk Grove transplant. She is a wife, mother to a wild child, and self-described craftaholic.

Ashley Newell

Managing Editor

Food, Parenting, Community, & News

Ashley Newell is our Managing Editor. Ashley was recently voted 5th place in Sacramento Area A-List Local Best Blogger 2017.  AshleyNewell.me is Ashley's foodie, mommy, fashion, and community events blog.

Craig & Emily Nash

Staff Writers

Travel Column

Voted Best Travel Agency in Elk Grove 5 times, Nash Travels loves to help clients create lifelong vacation memories. Craig and Emily are here to answer any of your travel questions.

Keri Horon

Staff Writer

Stories, Community, & News

Keri is a special needs parent and a veteran high school English and journalism teacher. She has her own blog KeriMeHome and also enjoys freelancing for Sacramento4Kids.

Huyen Ngo

Staff Writer

Finance & Community

Huyen has a passion for Financial Education and is a Campaigner to help the working class, particularly families. She has a ton of tips on financial planning and managing your family's finances. Got a finance question? Just ask Huyen!

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