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The Elk Grove Tribune is an Elk Grove news site which portrays local and community news, community events, and supports local businesses. Our Elk Grove news content comes from local authors throughout the community. We are not a one-man blog with one-person's opinions.

We are your community Elk Grove news site. Of, by, and for Elk Grove!


Meet the Team

The Elk Grove Tribune Staff Writers, Contributing Writers, Photographers and Videographers are Elk Grove residents and part of the fabric of our great community. We are Elk Grove News!

Dr. Jacqueline Cheung

Community, News, Food, Parenting, & Adoption

Dr. Jacqueline "Jax" Cheung, DrPH, MBA, is our Editor-In-Chief. In addition to her duties with the Elk Grove Tribune, Jax also works as a Blogger, Freelance Writer, and Adoption Advocate with her foodie, parenting, adoption advocacy, and Jax Chronicles Blog & Adoption Ministry. She was voted Sacramento Area A-List Best Local Blogger 2014, 2015, 2017 & 2018 and Best of Elk Grove Best Blogger 2016 & 2017. She enjoys freelancing for Sacramento4Kids and other publications and uplifting people and businesses in our community. To follow Jax's journey please like her Jax Chronicles Facebook, follow her Instagram @jaxchronicles, follow her Twitter @jaxchronicles, or check out Jax Chronicles Blog & Adoption Ministry.


Dr. Sunny Le

News & Events Editor
Community, News, Events, & Business

Dr. Sunny Le is our News & Events Editor and has a passion for community engagement and helping the community grow. He is your local expert on what's happening in Elk Grove. His articles focus on community, events, local news, and local businesses to provide an entertaining read.


Tillie Fong

Staff Writer
Community, News, & Food

Tillie is a recovering news junkie and real life Lady Bird. She is a former staff writer for Rocky Mountain News in Colorado, and former on-call reporter for The Sacramento BeeTillie enjoys freelancing for many different publications.


Chris Lodgson

Staff Writer
Community, News, & Food

Chris Lodgson is a researcher and regulatory analyst at a legal information company, where he creates and delivers legal content on current issues on a daily basis. Originally from New York City, he's also a local organizer, business owner, and social media-marketer supporting Sacramento County Black-owned businesses.

Tara Purcell_150web

Tara Purcell

Staff Writer
Community, News, Food, & Parenting

Tara Purcell is a 20 year resident of Elk Grove and a mother of 3. As a Mom, wife, daughter, sister, employee, mental health survivor and special needs parent, Tara is passionate about her community, her kids, and promoting awareness and outreach of behavioral health in Elk Grove. In her spare time, Tara is a music lover, movie buff, and foodie.


Shing Long

Staff Writer
Community, News, & Food

Shing Long is the Regional Director for The Soldiers Project and a former military spouse who landed in Elk Grove after 12 years on the road. She enjoys seeing what each community has to offer and likes sharing her discoveries with others. In her spare time, Shing enjoys photography, telling cheesy jokes, and spontaneous road trips.


Monica Fitzpatrick

Staff Writer
Community, News, & Food

Monica Fitzpatrick, M.A enjoys combining her love for writing and passion for mental health to not only inspire but activate movement in others. Drinking copious amounts of coffee, writing to her hearts content and speaking life are just a few of the many things that keep her world going round.


Dr. Kenneth Cheung

Contributing Staff Writer

Health, Medicine, Neurology, & Sports Injuries

Dr. Kenneth Cheung is a licensed Neurologist/Sports Neurologist with Dignity Health. He specializes in traumatic brain injuries, is excellent at  diagnosing strokes, and has a profound interest in preventative health and public safety in youth and professional sports.

Joe Blankenship

Contributing Staff Writer
Real Estate, Finance, & Community

Joe has spent the last 21 years in the Finance & Real Estate field, helping families turn houses into homes of life, laughter, and love. Real world expertise, combined with real life results, come together in his writing to help families build Real Wealth.

Keri Horon

Contributing Staff Writer
Stories, Community, & News

Keri is a special needs parent and a veteran high school English and journalism teacher. She has her own blog KeriMeHome and also enjoys freelancing for Sacramento4Kids.

Mia K. Lam

Managing Editor
Community, News, Food & Parenting

Mia K. Lam is our Managing Editor and comes to us with a diverse background. She is an entrepreneur and owner of multiple businesses including Crab City and ML Marketing Agency. With over 15+ years of television and digital marketing experience, Mia is able to work closely with local businesses and the community.

Lu Vue

Content Editor & Social Media Director
Community, News, & Food

Lu Vue is our Content Editor & Social Media Director. Lu is also a teacher and writer. She taught English and writing in the inner city for most of her educational career and expresses her creativity through writing. She is passionate about students and people and telling their stories with wit and authenticity. She blogs and writes poetry and creative stories at www.sowitcrazedpoet.com. Follow her on Instagram @thecrazedpoet for creative updates.


Joshua Perry

Staff Photographer & Videographer

Joshua Perry is a passionate story teller. His time at Art Center College of Design enabled him to use his interests in photography, videography and graphic design to communicate on various digital mediass. He hopes to continue to expand his local community church by serving with his talents and others around him.


Sai Vang

Staff Writer
Real Estate, Finance, Community, & Food

Originally from Minnesota, Sai is a local real estate agent in the Sacramento area and resides in Elk Grove. She has a passion helping family get into their dream home one step at a time. Aside from real estate, she is a foodie and loves to cook. Sai shares weekly recipe on her real estate page for all her followers. Have questions about either real estate or food? Be sure to reach out to her.

W. Ann Jones

Staff Writer
Stories, Community, & News

W. Ann Jones is a local children's book author, freelance writer, and copy editor. Ann writes short stories, news and community articles, and anti-bullying children’s books. Nurtle the Turtle is one of her anti-bullying children’s books. She also enjoys freelancing for Sacramento4Kids.


Michelle Silveira

Staff Writer
Community, News, Food & Parenting

Michelle Silveira is an American television actress from Hollywood contracted with Disney, Warner Bros, and Sony. She previously acted in Step by Step, the Steve Harvey Show, and Living Single. Michelle holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts & Psychology from SFSU. She is a faithful Christian, a fun fashionista, a curious world traveler, a super foodie and a major animal lover, particularly to her baby chihuahua Toby Malibu.


Huyen Ngo

Contributing Staff Writer
Finance & Community

Huyen has a passion for Financial Education and is a Campaigner to help the working class, particularly families. She has a ton of tips on financial planning and managing your family's finances. Got a finance question? Just ask Huyen!

Lisa Kaysinger

Contributing Staff Writer
Food Advice

Lisa Kaysinger is a food expert and the former owner of Mrs. Kay's Sweet Treats. She is your local cooking expert. Her specialty is sweet confections and desserts. Have a cooking question? - Just ask!

Dhaval Shah is our Sports Writer. He keeps us informed about local sports games and activities.

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