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Cloud Fountain Rises At Elk Grove Civic Center Site

A 25 foot steel sculpture was installed at the entrance to the Civic Center and Park.  Known as “Cloud Fountain,” the sculpture is the creation of artist, Gordon Huether. The cost of the installation was roughly $200,000. The total public art budget for the Civic Center, which includes some 8 different art pieces, is $500,000.

Inspired by the Civic Center’s water themed amenities, the sculpture emerges “from the ground like a surge of water” said a 2017 City Council staff report. The sculpture is illuminated at night, and a shallow pool that reflects light surrounds the structure.

In a City of Elk Grove press release Heuther said, “I was struck by the significance of the water elements throughout the Civic Center. So I decided to explore the concept of water as central to our lives and experiences.”

Nan Mahon, Chair of the Elk Grove Arts Commission, said about the structure, “ The Arts Commission is proud to be part of Elk Grove’s public art program. We hope that this is the beginning of a new artistic concept in our growing City.” The commission selected “Cloud Fountain” in 2018.

Huether’s work is featured in cities across the United States. He is the recipient of over 75 public art commissions. Speaking before Elk Grove City Council in 2017, Huether said, “My whole thing is to inspire humanity by bringing beauty and meaning into the world through art.”

The City of Elk Grove approved development plans for the Civic Center in July of 2016. In November of 2016, the council adopted the Percent for the Arts program, which directs a portion of construction costs towards public art. A total of 21 artists submitted proposals for the Civic Center. Huether’s art is a part of the center’s development.

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