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Frozen Valentine’s Day Special At Imagine Play

Princess Anna & Queen Elsa with Isabelle Ho, Avery Newell, Roxana Cheung, & Evangeline Ho

Imagine Play hosted a spectacular Frozen Valentine’s Day Special on February 11 and it was awesome. My daughters loved meeting Anna and Elsa, hanging out with their friends, making snowflake wands and bracelets, and getting their faces painted with frozen characters.

Queen Elsa & Princess Anna Arrive

When we first got to the venue the kids got to play and get their own hot chocolate with marshmallows. Queen Elsa and Princess Anna arrived a bit later and the kids sat down around them. They performed “Let It Go” and “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman.” All the kids were so excited to be so close to Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. Actually, I will say many of the parents got excited as well. The kids also got to play with snow and take pics with Queen Elsa and Princess Anna.

Audrey Autenrieth & Avery Newell enjoy playing with snow

The Activities

Afterwards the kids got to play. They had the opportunity to make crafts such as snowflake wands, and Frozen themed bracelets. Face painting was also available for any child who wanted to obtain a Frozen themed character or design on their face such as Olaf. Queen Elsa painted the faces of many of her little friends.

Avery Newell gets her face painted by Queen Elsa

My girls in particular really enjoyed making snowflake wands and bracelets. My 2 year old daughter was perfectly happy water painting on the wall and playing in the baby area. I really like that there are so many toys for young children. My daughter Roxy was very impressed by the many different kinds of Frozen themed beads available for her bracelet.

A Frozen Success

Overall, the Frozen Valentine’s Day Special was a well executed event. Queen Elsa and Princess Anna helped to make the event magical for all the young Frozen fans who attended. I highly recommend checking out Imagine Play’s special events and membership deals. If you get a VIP membership, you will be admitted to up to 12 special events a year. I have no reservations whatsoever about recommending Imagine Play, their special events, or their birthday parties.

Emily Wong & Carissa Cheung enjoy playing at Imagine Play

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