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2nd Happy Lemon Opens In Elk Grove

Former Mayor of Elk Grove Gary Davis & his wife Heather, with their children Grace & Adam
Photo Credit: Gary Davis

The Grand Opening

Fans, family  and friends came out in full force last weekend for the Grand Opening of Happy Lemon’s second Elk Grove location. Lines stretched out the door and down the street as dozens of excited boba and tea lovers patiently waited to get their hands on a refreshing treat! Of course, the BOGO (Buy One Get One) free deal most definitely added to the energy and enthusiasm among guests.

The short wait to enter was well worth it! Once inside, the employees greeted customers with smiles, taking orders in line to keep the crowd flowing nicely. Customers shared menus to make the process go even more smoothly. Lively conversation filled the air. Bright colors lit up the atmosphere and the air smelled of fruits and sweets. People of all ages blended together, comparing and ranking the variety of different flavors.

The hardest part of it all was deciding which drink and flavor to choose from. Salted Cheese, Milk Tea, Lemon, Yakult or Smoothie? Green or Black Tea? Green tea with salted cheese, anyone? Or how about Oreo Milk Tea? All to die for! Not in the mood for tea, you say? Not a problem! The Matcha Latte with Azuki Bean or Mango & Lemon Yogurt smoothies are sure to hit the spot! It all made for one smooth(ie) experience!

Most customers took their tasty treat to-go but the location does feature both indoor and outdoor seating as well. So, feel free to stop and enjoy the Happy Lemon experience.




The Happy Lemon menu is interesting. The drinks they are most known for are there Salted Cheese drinks. Most people don’t associate the word cheese and anything Asian in the same sentence. This is because most Asian cultures do not incorporate cheese or dairy into their traditional diet. They also have Blended Whole Lemon drinks, Squeezed Lemon drinks,  Milk Teas, Lemon Slushies, Yakults (a yogurt type drink), Fruit Smoothies, Fruit Teas, and Classic Brewed Teas. Overall, the menu has something for everyone. It also has something for every mood.

Photo Credit: Hanna Hau

Our Experience

The environment was crowded but you’d expect a boba place to be so at a Grand Opening. The customer service was good. They were moving as fast as they could considering the masses of people. We really liked the fact that they had BOGO specials.

I had the Mango & Orange Flavor Green Tea with QQJelly, which was refreshing, filling, and not-too-sweet. Next was the Aromatic Milk Tea with azuki Bean and pudding. Although I did not know what to expect with this choice, I admit to being delightfully surprised. Important to note that I had never had pudding in my drink before.  The texture is smooth and the flavors blend together very well! These two drinks make for a great combination.

Mango Green Tea & Grapefruit Oolong with lychee jelly

Happy Lemon Brand

Happy Lemon was founded in 2006 in Shanghai. It’s first overseas shop was opened in Manila in 2010. To date, it has over 800 shops world wide. Its first shop here in California was in San Francisco back in 2015. Happy Lemon has multiple locations here in the United States, as well as China, Hong Kong, Taipei, The Philippines, Korea, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

The trendy tea brand says it “Aims to promote a new tea culture.” If this weekend’s turnout is any indication, they’re well on their way! Check out Happy Lemon today!


9688 Bruceville Rd, Ste 102
Elk Grove, CA 95757
(916) 714-7877

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