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Body Of Man Who Died Trying To Save Son Found In San Joaquin River

The body of Moua Lo, the Stockton man who died after diving in to save his son from drowning in the San Joaquin River Delta, has been found.

According to authorities, a fisherman on Sunday discovered the 41 year old father of three in the Delta just over a week after he was last seen by his children.

On March 29, Lo jumped overboard after his one year old son, Marcus, fell into the water. Lo, a fishing enthusiast, was on a family fishing trip. His son Marcus survived the accident, but remains hospitalized. Marcus was rescued after his sister, also on the boat, called 911. The children were rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard. Earlier reports indicated the search for Lo was called off after several days of searching. Relatives and friends held a candlelight vigil for Lo this weekend in Isleton.

“We’ll truly miss him. My heart is just aching,” said Chong Yang, Lo’s brother-in-law.  “I know we lost a great man, someone so young. I don’t feel it’s his time to go yet.”

Drownings, unfortunately, are not uncommon in the Delta. As temperatures rise, more and more families start to venture into the waters for recreation and sport. In June of 2018, a father drowned in the San Joaquin River in a similar attempt to save his daughter from drowning, which proved unsuccessful. According to, every year in America, about 3500 people die from drowning. In 2015, the U.S. Coast Guard reported that in about 3 of every 4 fatal boating accidents, at least one of the victims died by drowning.

Please be careful and wear necessary safety gear whenever in or near water.

The Elk Grove Tribune expresses our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Moua Lo.

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  1. It is sad because I am the friend of his relitves