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Break Check Turns To Joy Ride; One Employee Fired

A routine break check turned out to be something completely different for one area resident.

After returning t0  Big O Tires to pick up his red 8 year-old Mustang, Michael Burke decided to check his dashcam video. He became suspicious when he noticed his personal items had been displaced in his car.  So he reviewed the tape. What did Burk find on the dashcam video?

“He just guns it, and my car just starts spinning around.”

The video from the dashcam camera shows a company employee taking Burke’s red Mustang for a joyride in a nearby parking lot. Apparently the employee didn’t know the camera was on. Needless to say, Burke was furious. “Oh my gosh, I was furious. I don’t even drive my car like that. Yeah, uncalled for.”

Big O Tires reacted swiftly and fired the employee responsible for the joy ride. According to reports, store manager David Alvarez also issued an apology to Burke and refunded his money. Additional services reportedly were offered to compensate him for the inconvenience. Alvarez spoke to media and indicated that  he called a team meeting afterwards to address the incident. The company says its also considering using cameras to ensure that cars of customers are being serviced properly.

“We don’t condone that type of behavior,” said manager Alvarez.

Google’s 2018 Automotive Trends Report says dashcam use is on the rise among drivers in the U.S. According to the report, “Consumers feel supported on the road with a second set of eyes.” For area locals like Michael Burke that second set of eyes is money well spent.

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