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California Attorney General Xavier Bacerra Announces No Criminal Charges Against Officers Involved In Stephon Clark Death; Dozens Arrested in Monday Night Protests

California Attorney General Xavier Bacerra Announces No Criminal Charges Against Officers Involved In Stephon Clark Death; Dozens Arrested in Monday Night Protests

California Attorney General Announces No Criminal Charges Against Officers

This afternoon, California Attorney General Xavier Bacerra announced that the California Department of Justice will not recommend criminal charges against the officers involved in the shooting death of Stephon Clark. As a result of the shooting in 2018, the department began an independent investigation at the request of Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn.

During the conference, Bacerra stated, “I’m here to announce today that our investigation has concluded that no criminal charges against the officers involved in the shooting can be sustained.” Bacerra added, “Our criminal investigation may be over, but our commitment to this community, to repairing trust between our peace officers and the people they are sworn to protect, goes on.”

Bacerra’s decision comes on the heels of Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert’s announcement. In Schubert’s announcement, she stated that her office would also not seek criminal charges against the officers. After Schubert’s decision, protests erupted in Sacramento which continued for several days. Stephon Clark was a 22-year old African-American father of two children when he was gunned in his down by Sacramento Police officers in March of 2018. In this case, Clark was not armed.

Dozens Arrested In East Sacramento Demonstrations

Public reaction to the decision not to seek criminal charges in the Stephon Clark case has been swift. A group of protestor’s over the weekend occupied and shut down Arden Mall. Residents also took to the streets of East Sacramento last night in a march that resulted in dozens of arrests, including local activists, clergy and members of the press. Demonstrations are expected to continue as city and community leaders struggle to contain public outrage.

Sacramento Mayor Darrel Steinberg responded to the arrest in a Monday night tweet. ” I’m very disappointed the protest ended the way it did,” Steingberg said, adding, ” I will withhold further comment until I get answers to these crucial questions tonight or tomorrow morning.”

Those arrested were taken to Cal Expo to be processed. Most have been released.

Crowds gathered tonight for a special meeting of the Sacramento City Council. Much of the testimony centered around last night’s arrests. Speakers sharply criticized the Mayor and Council members for the city’s response to the protests.

Sac City Council approves AB392

Mayor Steinberg and Sacramento City Council have recently shown support for AB392, which was mentioned at the city council meeting on 3/5/2019. AB392 is the California Legislation for the use of deadly force for Peace officers. If passed, it would change how officers use deadly force. Also, it would authorize officers to use deadly only when it is necessary to prevent serious bodily injury or death.


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