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The Heat Is Still Rising For Elk Grove Housing Market

The Heat Is Still Rising For Elk Grove Housing Market

The HEAT is rising for Home Sales!

As we hit triple digit temperatures this summer, we’re also experiencing triple digit home sales throughout Elk Grove!  According to a recent study by, Elk Grove ranks as the 2nd hottest city in the nation where millennials and young families are buying homes. With median home prices through many parts of the Bay Area hitting over $900,000, it’s no wonder buyers are snatching up homes in Elk Grove for less than half of that.

Another recent study by, ranked Elk Grove as the 3rd best place of all cities in the nation to sell a house. With the demand for housing at all time highs, many sellers are reaping the benefit of low inventory leading to multiple offers and top dollar for their homes.  For buyers, we offer “More Home for Your Money” than anything else you find in the Bay.  All of these elements have come together to create a thriving Real Estate Market here.

So WHY is Elk Grove so Attractive?

The perfect combination of top rated schools, stunning parks & communities, and close proximity to jobs in Sacramento and the Bay Area, afford people a healthy pace of of life away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  Many families enjoy the amenities of great dining options, activities for kids, and the wide array of neighborhoods to choose from.  Whether you want the serenity of the country that Sheldon has to offer, or the beautiful lakes of Laguna West, or the manicured homes of Backer Ranch, Del Webb, and Stonelake, there’s something here for even the most discerning Buyer.

Our community  is developing rapidly with with the upcoming Costco, the Elk Grove Shopping Collection, and City Center in the works. Elk Grove is positioned to be a destination city for Bay Area people looking to get away from the congestion and traffic of their daily lives. Elk Grove citizens used to have to travel to Sacramento often to have a good meal. Now, regardless of what you want to eat, you can find a whole array of dining options and entertainment right in Elk Grove. Not to mention, you get more bang for your buck when you purchase a home in the Elk Grove area compared to the Bay Area and LA.

Is this the RIGHT TIME to Buy or Sell?

This will really depend on your specific personal goals, life stage, and financial condition.  Buying or Selling a home successfully requires due diligence, and wise counsel from a trusted Realtor, Mortgage Professional, and maybe even seasoned CPA and Financial Advisor.  However, each respective professional can give you the pros and cons specific to your situation, and can help you assess whether this is the best time to buy, sell, or just stay put.  This is one of the biggest Investments you will ever make, or keep in your portfolio, so it pays off to get sage advice.  But regardless of your decision, Elk Grove remains one of the best cities in our country to plant roots, and build life long memories.

Check out some of our Featured Properties in Elk Grove and Surrounding Areas!

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Joe is a seasoned Real Estate Advisor with Davis Berk Realty in Elk Grove, specializing in Residential & Commercial Property Sales. He has spent the last 21 years in the Finance & Real Estate field, helping families turn houses into homes of life, laughter, and love. Real world expertise, combined with real life results, come together in his writing to help families build real wealth for their future.

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