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Largest Wildfire In California History Burning North Of Sacramento

The August Complex Fire in Mendocino National Forest north of Sacramento is the largest in California history. This is according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire). Lightning strikes in the region caused the fires in mid August. 37 different fires combined to form the historic wildfire now threatening thousands of acres of land. Of those fires still active within the August Complex Fire, the largest is the Doe Fire. As of September 10th, the Doe Fire is 24% contained. The Doe Fire encompasses five counties. These include Glenn County, Mendocino County, Lake County, Tehama County and Trinity County. This weeks windy weather caused the fire to expand even further, according to Fire Officials.

A Historic Fire Season

Overall, the 2020 fire season is already breaking records with 6 of the 20 largest fires ever occurring this year. In addition, more than 3 million acres burned this year alone. Another record. The 2018 Mendocino Complex Fire, which burned more than 459,000 acres, is now the second largest Wildfire in California History. During the week in which the August Complex Fire started, more than two-hundred fires erupted in Northern California.

“The 2020 fire season has been record-breaking, in not only the total amount of acres burned at just over 3 million, but also 6 of the top 20 largest wildfires in California history have occurred this year,” Cal Fire said in a statement on Twitter. Additionally, in the last 20 years California recorded its top-ten largest wildfires.

Plan. Know. Act.

There are reasonable and inexpensive safety measure you can take to prepare for impact from a Wildfire.

“In California, wildfires aren’t a question of if, but only a question of when. If you choose to live near a natural area of the state, you are at risk for wildfires and it’s your responsibility to prepare yourself, your family, and your home”.

Cal Fire

First, Fire Officials suggest creating  and maintaining a minimum one-hundred feet of “Defensible” or “buffer” space around your home. Next, use materials resistant to embers in your home, especially your roof. Also, put together an emergency supply kit and have it ready. Be sure to include the following:

  • Face masks or coverings
  • Three-day supply of non-perishable food and three gallons of water per person
  • Map marked with at least two evacuation routes
  • Prescriptions or special medications
  • Change of clothing
  • Extra eyeglasses or contact lenses
  • An extra set of car keys, credit cards, cash or traveler’s checks
  • First aid kit
  • Flashlight
  • Battery-powered radio and extra batteries
  • Sanitation supplies
  • Copies of important documents (birth certificates, passports, etc.)
  • Don’t forget pet food and water!

Additionally, create a family evacuation and communication plan now. Finally, prepare your family.

For more on how to prepare for impact from a Wildfire near you, visit

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