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On Demand Food Delivery Services In Gig Economy Disrupt Elk Grove Schools


High School lunches in Elk Grove just might be the latest, albeit unlikely, target of the ‘Gig Economy’.

It turns out Millennials aren’t the only ones taking advantage of today’s mobile on-demand food delivery services in a big way – Gen Z is here, and they want in on the action!

The convenience of being able to order almost anything to eat and have it delivered to you within minutes right from the palm of your hand — services made popular by well-known tech industry disruptors like Uber Eats and DoorDash – is, however, causing quite the conniption among at least some school officials in Elk Grove.

In a recent letter, Franklin High School Principal Chantelle Albiani asked for assistance from parents in curbing on campus food deliveries.

According to Albiani, the risks posed to school safety and security by food delivery services is a main concern, one she addressed directly in her letter.

“If the food is coming via a delivery service, we have no way to verify the person delivering the food is working for a legitimate company and is in fact delivering food”, Albiani wrote.

In today’s heightened school security environment, protecting students and faculty is a top concern and challenge for school officials, as well as local law enforcement agencies. On-demand food delivery services could further complicate an already taxing security environment.

Security isn’t the only concern, however. Another, is the interruption of classroom activities.

Echoing concerns expressed by school leaders, Elk Grove Unified School District Spokeswoman Xanthi Pinkerton said, “It can be very disruptive in the learning environment if a student is pulled out of class because there is a delivery that has come for them at the front office…We want to avoid that right now, so we are trying to educate our parents that we have great options for all of our students at the school”.

“Our secondary sites are noticing an increase in the number of lunches dropped off for students by parents/guardians and through fast food delivery services. We are concerned with protecting student health, safety and welfare and maintaining the security of our campuses and the increase in deliveries is causing a distraction that pulls our staff members away from the work they are doing for students and our campus security’s attention becomes diverted away from their primary responsibility during lunch”, Pinkerton added.

A Parents Perspective: Responding to the kerfuffle, an Elk Grove parent had this to say: “ I think DoorDash is ridiculous to schools but excluding parents from bringing kids lunch is too far.”

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