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Sacramento Cleaning Company Mother’s Cleaning Co-Op Posts & Defends Anti Black Lives Matter Video

A local cleaning company is in hot water after sharing a series of anti-Black Lives Matter and racist Facebook posts. Many on social media are calling the posts and the company racist and are urging a boycott.

Earlier today, Sacramento based Mothers Cleaning Co-Op, owned by Betty Nicholson, according to Yelp, shared a post, linking to a YouTube video titled, “Why We Should Never Apologize For Our Race.” The 6 minute video is filled with well-known racist stereotypes against Black Americans. Published in early June, the video now has over 600,000 views with over 22,000 likes and nearly 2,000 dislikes.

In the video shared by Mothers Cleaning Co-Op, the speaker, a white woman, who is the same woman pictured as “Katie” on the About section of Good Patriot, stands in front of the pre-Civil War Betsy Ross version of the American Flag. In 2013, an investigation by the Albany Herald discovered this same flag used by KKK groups in, at least, the State of Georgia. This same slavery era flag caused somewhat of a stir when, in 2017, the Wall Street Journal reported Nike canceled a shoe after Colin Kaepernick told them it linked to Slavery.

The video begins with the speaker mocking both the slogan and movement known as Black Lives Matter. She then proceeds to detail her position.

“I haven’t heard one person say George Floyd’s death wasn’t unjust and tragic … I haven’t seen any evidence that there was a racial motivation behind his death.” Both of these statements are false. In fact, there are dozens of social media posts, comment threads, and videos, lauding and praising the death of George Floyd. A George Floyd based “kneeling challenge” even circulated on social media showing people playfully kneeling on the necks of other individuals and smiling into the camera.

She continues by complaining about the lack of attention to the popularized phrase of “Black on Black” crime, a very common refrain, often repeated by self-proclaimed racists. In reality, no such thing as “Black on Black” crime exists any more than “White on White” or “Brown on Brown” crime. The speaker also recognizes no difference between crimes committed against individuals by other individuals, versus those crimes committed by government agents (Law Enforcement) against individuals. This latter point is ironic given the use of the “revolutionary” flag in the background.

The speaker then attacks the “Media” for inciting anger at White Americans. She then goes on to attack Planned Parenthood. After, she makes a point about how whites were enslaved and how police killings of whites don’t get media attention. On the subject of looting, the speaker threatens “neutralize” their “threat” after referring to them as “murderers who deserve no sympathy.” This, after speaking about how she has prayed for these same people.

The video continues with more very common racist ideas, and then ends with a plea for unity.

The negative public backlash against Mothers Cleaning Co-Op for sharing the video was swift and severe.


Yet, just one hour after sharing the first video that set off the firestorm of negative attention, the business posted two more videos. This time produced by the business itself. These new videos featured even more Anti-Black messaging. The new videos also mixed in pro-Trump messaging, along with messaging denying the existence of White Supremacy. One of these more recent posts and videos is attributed to a Betty Nicholson.

Visitors to the Mothers Cleaning Co-Op Facebook business page were not happy with the posts. Several comments questioned whether these videos were appropriate for a business page. Others were outraged, calling the posts and company racist. Visitors left many negative business reviews. The business page responded to several comments, but many of those responses by the business have been deleted. Someone claiming to be Betty Nicholson did leave several responses up on the page in the name of the business. Those responses that were not deleted did not apologize for the posts and made fun of the outrage. Some of those responses by the business even joked about the public backlash while defending the posts.

This is a developing story.

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