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Super Tuesday Results, Updates With Local & National Highlights, Plus Your Mini Super Tuesday Look Ahead

Super Tuesday Results, Updates With Local & National Highlights, Plus Your Mini Super Tuesday Look Ahead

As the dust settles, yet another Super Tuesday has come and gone. Only to be followed, of course, by another set of Almost-As-Super Tuesdays, known as the Mini-Super Tuesdays.

Whether you’re a political junkie, not a fan of politics, or somewhere in between, there’s a good chance you got a text, saw a Facebook post or received a mailer from a politician asking for your vote.  Indeed, the occasion is somewhat of an American political holiday, featuring watch-parties and wall to wall news coverage. It’s like the March Madness of politics. Or like the playoffs for political nerds (no offense intended, as the author of this story is a self proclaimed political nerd himself).

Except, the results of these contests don’t decide who gets a trophy, contract extension, shiny ring or bragging rights. To the contrary, the results of the Super Tuesday March 3 contests, and all the Super Tuesdays contests to follow, could ultimately decide who becomes the next leader of the free world. More on that later.

In addition to the 14 + states making their choice for a Democratic candidate, the Super Tuesdays also feature down ballot (local) elections for California voters.  These include races for California Assembly, Sacramento City Council, and more. As well as several local ballot measures. Elk Grove Tribune has your local and national Super Tuesday highlights, plus your look ahead to the next Super Tuesdays.

Who Won What?

Jim Cooper Wins Race For California State Assembly District 9

With 100% of the precincts reporting, Jim Cooper appears to have bested rivals Eric Rigard and Tracie Stafford to represent California Assembly District 9. The district includes Elk Grove, as well as parts of South Sacramento. Cooper currently represents the District in the California Assembly. Republican Eric Rigard finished a close second in the race, followed by Elk Grove resident and Democrat Tracie Stafford. A former candidate for Elk Grove Mayor, Stafford finished third with 20% of the vote. Expect final results in the coming days as election officials tally mail in ballots.

Ami Bera Wins Race For U.S. Congressional District 7

Current U.S. Congressional District 7 representative Ami Bera holds an almost 7,000 vote lead over his closest rivals. California’s 7th contains Sacramento County. Expect final results in the coming days as election officials tally mail in ballots.

Doris Matsui Wins Race For U.S. Congressional District 6

Long time representative Doris Matsui likely returns to Washington, representing California’s 6th District. The District includes the City of Sacramento, as well as parts of Yolo County. Sacramento voters, among others, elected Matsui in 2013. Expect final results in the coming days as election officials tally mail in ballots.

Sacramento Mayoral and City Council Races

Sacramento voters look poised to return Darrell Steinberg as Mayor with over 70% of the vote. With thousands of ballots yet to be counted, expect final results over the coming days. Mac Artega and Jmar Jefferson finished a distant second and third place, respectively.

In what could be a surprise victory, progressive community activist Katie Valenzuela held a 5 point lead over current District 4 Sacramento City Council Member Steve Hansen. With thousands of ballots yet to be counted, expect final results over the coming days.

In another closely watched contest, Mai Vang leads Les Simmons, Ronald Bell, Daphne Harris and Santiago Morales in the race to replace outgoing District 8 Sacramento City Council Member Larry Carr. It looks like Mai Vang and Les Simmons will go to a runoff. For the City of Sacramento, “if no candidate obtains a majority of the votes cast (50% plus one) in the primary, the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes will advance to a general election (also known as a run-off),” excerpted from

Sitting District 6 Sacramento City Council Member Eric Guerra also claimed the lead in his race to continue representing the area. Again, with thousands of ballots yet to be counted, including mail in ballots, expect official results over the coming days.

Run-offs to Come

Upset your candidate didn’t win?

Don’t worry, several of the local races will go to run-off elections on November 3.

Why? Because California is a “top-two” primary election state, meaning first- and second-place finishers move on to the general election.

On the Ballots

Proposition 13

The State-wide ballot measure to issue bonds for school funding is losing 56% to 44% at last count. If it fails, it will be the first time a measure for school bonds did not pass in about 25 years. Expect official results over the coming days.

Measure E

In contrast, voters in the Los Rios Community College School District appear to have approved a measure to raise $650 Million in bond funds for schools. Funding for the bonds will come from a property tax hike. Expect official results this week.

Measure G

A measure to guarantee at least 2.5% of Sacramento general funds be spent on youth-related services appears to have failed. Known as Measure G, the ballot initiative faced stigg opposition from Mayor Darrell Steinberg as well as other Sacramento politicians. Mayor Steinberg offered a similar measure in response to Measure G. His proposal requires Sacramento spend 2.5% of any growth in the City’s revenue on youth programs. The Mayor’s proposal hits the ballot this November.

National Democratic Primary

California Democratic Primary

California awards 415 ‘delegates’ in proportion to how much of the vote each candidate wins in its primary election. A delegate is someone who is elected to represent a group of people in a larger group. To win the Democratic nomination for President, a candidate must win a majority (at least half) of the total 3,979  total available delegates. But there’s an excpetion to this rule. Candidates have to win at least 15% of the vote in any state to win any delegates at all. This year, California held its Democratic Primary election on Super Tuesday, March 3, for the first time ever.

Bernie Wins California Demoratic Primary

This week, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders opened up a commanding lead over all contenders. Even with thousands of mail in ballots still not counted, election officials called the race for Sanders. Officials expect these numbers to hold.

Joe Biden Is Rising

The big story coming out of the National Democratic Primary is the rebirth of former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign for President. Biden, just 2 weeks ago seemed on his way out of the race after poor showings in the early Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada contests.

Then came South Carolina, where Biden won overwhelmingly, showing he could win one of, if not, the key group of democratic voters, Black Americans. Some 55% of South Carolina’s democratic primary voters are Black Americans. According to NBC News, no democrat has won the nomination for President without winning a majority of the Black vote since 1992.

All told, Biden won 10 of the 14 contests.  Biden never campaigned in 7 of the 10 the states he carried.

Up Next: Mini Super Tuesday

Nationally, the race for who will represent the Democratic party against Donald Trump on November 3 just got a lot more competitive. After a number of candidates dropped out over the last week, including Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobachar, Michael Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren, the race narrowed to two candidates: Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. At this point in the race, Joe Biden appears the favorite for the nomination. According to political analysts, FiveThirtyEight, however, Bernie Sanders does still have a chance to win.

Next up: More elections, More debates! Six more states vote in the next week, including the all-important state of Michigan on Tuesday March 10, on Mini-Super Tuesday. Following Michigan next week are the swing states of Florida and Ohio which hold contests on, you guessed it, Tuesday March 17.

There is at least 1 more presidential debate scheduled for Sunday March 15. According to CNN, based on the rules for qualifying, the debate will almost certainly feature a head to head matchup between Biden and Bernie.


Later this year, on November 3, America chooses its President.

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