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Elk Grove Twins Harjeet & Sukhdev Mann Receive $15,000 Scholarship For Their Humanitarian Club

Photo Credit: Donald A. Strauss Foundation
Twins Harjeet Kaur and Sukhdev Singh Mann were so grateful to hear that the Donald A. Strauss Foundation was going to award them $15,000 for their organization’s project and tuition! Nishkam Sewa is a UC Davis based organization that strives to empower the powerless in the local and global community and give humanitarian services to those in need. Nishkam Sewa means “desire less service” in Punjabi.

The Donald A. Strauss Foundation gives away a $15,000 scholarship for those giving their time for public service each year. The twins have partnered with the non-profit Nishkam Sikh Welfare Council and their medical center to help get the funds to where they need to be.

Nishkam Sewa Project & Club

The Main Non-Profit In India, Photo Credit: Harjeet Mann

Harjeet and Sukhdev Mann are working on bringing health and dietary literacy to South Asian families. Online platforms have helped carry out the mission of the club and project with the help of the members. Sukhdev is the President and Harjeet is the Vice President. Harjeet had this to say about his motivation.

“Growing up and seeing my dad struggle with health was difficult. He has diabetes, and this was a big factor in motivating me to do something for families like mine that struggle with health issues. One of the remedies is through food. It’s really important that we have culturally sensitive healthcare.”

They are planning to write a free, healthy cookbook about South Asian dishes. The book will try to address different circumstances that could change one’s diet. The twins understand that some foods are significant to the culture and not everyone can drop their current lifestyles. Several South Asian families battle with anemia, diabetes, and malnutrition both locally and globally.

In the future, they hope to set up mobile clinics in India that visits impoverished and underserved communities. The clinic would also help those communities gain easier access to vitals check-ups and access to health professionals. A trip for India was canceled this summer due to COVID-19. There, they would have worked to establish a presence with the communities they would serve. However, for this year they are focusing on health literacy and providing beneficiaries of Nishkam Sikh Welfare Council with technology resources to receive access to health literacy materials.

An All-Around Giving Attitude

Additionally, Nishkam Sewa volunteers are currently volunteering to help tutor students from the Sacramento region, providing assistance in their native language.

Also, they devote time and raise funds to other general public service needs. Currently, the team of members is collecting funds and supplies to send to shelters to help those who have lost their homes due to the wildfires in California.

They hope the club continues to grow into a larger group of like-minded students who can create and sustain service projects for both local and global populations. The online format has made it tougher, but the group of 20 still meet every 5 to 7 weeks via Zoom.

Harjeet & Sukhdev Mann

In 2018, Harjeet and Sukhdev graduated from Cosumnes Oaks.

The twins both attend UC Davis as Biology Majors and minor in Public Health. They also have plans to pursue careers in healthcare. The two are Indian-American and practice the Sikh faith. Harjeet talks about their relationship with each other.

“We do everything together. My brother and I have been by each other’s sides. The aspect of teamwork that we have is awesome. We are very grateful. We’ve been able to get here through trust and faith. There are so many opportunities to give back during this time.”

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