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Local Pet Groomer Wins HBO Max Haute Dog Competition

Congratulations are in order for one of Elk Grove’s own!

Local Elk Grove pet groomer Tristian Ranson is the winner of HBO MAX’s Haute Dog Competition. Tristian owns The Pet Spa at Laguna. A social media talent scout discovered his artistic grooming talent online. Then, after a series of interviews with the show’s producers, HBO MAX’s Haute Dog Competition invited him to compete with other cremes de la creme pet groomers from all across the country. He competed (and won!) in Los Angeles last year in June of 2020, and the episode aired this week. The competition boasts the best of the best in pet grooming and hairstyles. Pronounced “hotdog”, the Haute Dog Competition originally debuted on HBO Max in September 2020.

Haute Dog: About The Competition

Haute Dog is an on-going, COVID-19 safe, competition based in Los Angeles. Tristian’s episode consisted of two separate challenges. First: bathe, dry, clean, de-flea, haircut, groom, and style-a-pup within 90 minutes. Tristian was assigned a Poodle-Doodle mix, whom he had never met. The primary factors to success included quickly building rapport with the pup, keeping the pup feeling safe, and gentle grooming. In addition, timing and the final look played a significant role. Looks are everything in this case. Tristian passed this first challenge effortlessly.

The second challenge: Groom another Poodle mix in a timely manner, this time 120 minutes. However, this round contestants were given a theme, “the older lady hairstyle.” With this theme in mind, Tristian went to town, creating a look resembling an over-the-top, flamboyant, pampered doodle granny. After bathing, grooming, and styling the pup, Tristian adorned her with pearls around her neck and a sharp-looking brooch. He also added huge hair rollers on her head and then painted her nails red. To accentuate her “mani-pawdi”, he added diamonds to her nails. He also created a walker for her to prop herself on, made of PVC pipes and tennis balls. Finally, he accessorized the pup with a fancy purse featuring plenty of tissue. With much humor and joy in our interview, Tristain ever so confidently said, “Hey, if you’re determined, you can absolutely execute!”.

About The Competitor: Tristian Ranson

Tristian said he was discovered on instagram, where he displays beautiful haircuts and colors for dogs and cats. Animal lovers are easily entertained with photos of pets with people-haircuts, Korean styles, Asian fusion styles, and wild colors. “I like to build shapes on dogs,” said Ranson.

He then spoke of how he stumbled into his passion for pet grooming. An animal lover, he started working at PetSmart at a young age. He later went off to the Virgin Islands to study Ecology where he received his Bachelor of Science degree. When Ranson returned to PetSmart, after college, he quickly found himself becoming a full-fledged groomer. Seven months later, he earned the title of grooming sales manager and within 9 months his store became number one in the region. He then got scouted to be a district trainer where he ran two districts in Southern California, and quickly got their sales numbers up. In addition, Tristian shared how he also stumbled upon Laguna Country Groomers, where he increased sales by $5K a month. He officially purchased the store on August 1, 2019, and renamed it the Pet Spa At Laguna.

About The Pet Spa At Laguna

Tristian said The Pet Spa At Laguna is a place to pamper pets. A place where dogs and cats receive custom grooming and a variety of spa treatments. They also enjoy relaxing chamomile or a fruity blueberry facial. The Pet Spa At Laguna offers massages, detox baths, and mud treatments to help reduce inflammation. The spa also offers safe, non-toxic hair dyes and colors designed for animals. The objective: make sure the pet is calm and relaxed.

As we concluded our interview, Tristian emphasized that The Pet Spa At Laguna is a Black-owned salon. He wants it to be a safe place for all people, but particularly people of color, as he shared, “Growing up in this industry I found it important that we level up the playing field to groomers of color, and I would like to offer that safe space.”

Congratulations to Tristian Ranson on winning the Haute Dog Competition, and for running a highly successful, Black-owned business here in Elk Grove!

For more information about Tristian Ranson and The Pet Spa At Laguna, please visit or @The Pet Spa At Laguna on Facebook. On Instagram, @thepetspa_atlaguna & @agroomernamedtristian.

The Pet Spa At Laguna

Address: 8679 Sheldon Road, Elk Grove, CA 95624

Phone: 916-682-2211

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