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Alpha Women Lead Holds Women’s Empowerment Event

Alpha Women Lead Holds Women’s Empowerment Event

On February 26, 2023, Alpha Women Lead, an organization which aims to empower by building awareness and utilizing the power of story-telling, held a monumental event attended by local women from the community. The event entitled “Empower Her” was held at the Cowo Campus located in downtown Sacramento.

Led by Founder Stacey Saephanh, the event featured champagne, plenty of food and networking opportunities. As attendees enjoyed a delectable spread of fruit, veggies, charcuterie, donuts, and sandwiches, each woman was given the opportunity to introduce themselves and tell a bit about their life, work, or business.

During the event, a photographer was present to capture photos and videos during the event’s highlight, which was women giving and receiving affirmation and support with each other as they shared their stories.

Luba Vasilkova & Preet Ahluwalia

The Impact

The women who attended the event described it as “epic” and “life changing.” Many spoke about the pressures of society on women and mentioned that there is a great need for women to lift up and support each other. During the event, many women exchanged business cards and added each other on social media. It was clear that the majority of the women genuinely wanted to network and to create meaningful connections.

“I am a survivor of domestic violence and I was really taken aback by the affirmation and support I received from a roomful of women I didn’t even know. I really needed that! I can’t wait to attend more events. This is such a great organization and I just feel blessed and happy to now be a part of it and to have connected with so many awesome and inspiring women.”

Anonymous attendee who spoke as a survivor of domestic violence

Artist & Market Builder Crystiana Lopez

Crystiana Lopez, Artist & Market Builder

It’s honestly a blessing that organizations like Alpha Women Lead exist. I will forever be grateful to Stacey for Inviting me to be a part of it. Her genuine heart and gift of supporting others is what has driven this beautiful group.

At the launch of AWL, we met in the heart of Sacramento, at one of my favorite working spaces, COWO Campus (a place for Entrepreneurs and Creatives). As I walked through the door, I was met with the powerful energy of femininity and strength. The decorative attention to detail was beautiful. There were roses & champagne flutes in the entryway, accents of pink & gold, and a literal wall of pink and white roses in the room. I was greeted by warm smiles and open arms from both familiar faces and new ones. We posed for photos with a very talented photographer, Nalo (@nalo.Lafaele) and made so many incredible connections. After a good amount of time getting to meet one another, we came together as a group and Stacey provided a platform for each of us to share a bit about ourselves. These moments were special.

I am what I like to call an Artrepreneur- an artist, an entrepreneur, and a mom with a passion for helping others build confidence in themselves while creating generational health & generational wealth. My goal is ultimately to share my story with the hopes of helping other people in doing so- which is why I truly love connecting with others. But sometimes I get social anxiety, so speaking in front of a group of women in a setting like this, for the first time, was a little intimidating. I was soon relieved to know that I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. All of the women in the room expressed the same kind of nervousness, and together we created a safe space to be our authentic selves. One woman after another stood up and shared a bit of her story. Each one was inspiring. We came together to cheer each other on, expand our comfort zones, and allow the woman next to us feel seen, heard, accepted, and honored. THAT is what Alpha Women Lead is all about. It’s about leading with grace, lifting each other up, and helping each other shine. It’s a beautiful thing.

Crystiana Lopez, Artist & Market Builder

Founder of Capital Tuk Tuk Manushi Weerasinghe

Manushi Weerasinghe, Founder of Capital Tuk Tuk

Alpha Women Lead has shown me the true power of women in community. We are strong as individuals, but we are a powerhouse together! From the beginning, this amazing has shown me the strength in vulnerability, the power in leaning on each other, and the healing that is possible when women come together. I am excited for the momentum we have created so far and cannot wait to see what we accomplish with that momentum!

Manushi Weerasinghe, Founder of Capital Tuk Tuk

Alpha Women Lead Founder Stacey Saephanh

Stacey Saephanh, Founder of Alpha Women Lead

Alpha Women Lead (AWL) is a women’s empowerment community. Our focus is to build a strong community and network of women rooted in intentional efforts to uplift, support, inspire, strengthen and empower each other, led by impact-driven goals. We aim to celebrate women’s achievements and give back to our communities through intentional engagements and philanthropic efforts while embracing diversity, equity and inclusion. Our mission is to help women become empowered leaders in their industries and journeys, whether in their personal or business/professional life. This mission is achieved through networking events, special events, educational training, workshops, special programs, mentorship, volunteer service and campaigns and projects, but most of all, through the power of story-telling. The power of now and the power of voice is extremely important, and we want to be able to provide the platform and opportunity for women to tell their stories, and become empowered.

I started this women’s community, because I believe that having a positive and supportive environment for women is extremely important. I think that as women, we should empower each other more, root for each other and help build each other up, rather than tear each other down, compare ourselves, or judge each other. As women, we all experience a lot of struggles, barriers, challenges and fears, but one thing we do not want is to feel alone. Most oftentimes, we are not alone, and being able to have a space and community of women to relate to and connect with – to be able to let our guard down and be transparent and vulnerable, is powerful, beautiful and empowering. It is important to surround ourselves with women that can inspire, uplift, support and challenge us to become the best version of who we can be and contribute to our personal growth, development and success.

I have always had a passion to bring women together in collaborative and meaningful efforts to unite our communities so that we can grow and thrive, while making lasting impacts and positive imprints in the lives and communities we encounter.  Alpha Women Lead was created to allow women of all backgrounds to come together and have an opportunity to share their stories and become empowered leaders in their industries, purpose and journeys – to lead life with passion, purpose and power. 

Stacey Saephanh, Founder of Alpha Women Lead
Jenise Vu & Manushi Weerasinghe

The Mission of Alpha Women Lead

Our focus is to build a strong community and network of women, rooted in intentional efforts to uplift, support, inspire, strengthen and empower each other. We aim to celebrate women’s achievements, lead with impact-driven goals and give back to our communities through intentional engagements and philanthropic efforts. We value and embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our mission is to help women become empowered leaders in their industries.

March 30 Women’s Networking & Celebration of Women’s History Month Event

Come join Alpha Women Lead for a celebration of Women’s History Month & Women’s Networking event on March 30 from 6-8 PM! Samantha Tov of Portfolio Real Estate and Lisa Leticia of Beauty by Lisa Leticia will be featured speakers. Also, the first 20 attendees will receive free gift bags. We can’t wait to see you there!

Please register via Eventbrite:

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