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BAMBŪ Desserts & Drinks Opens Elk Grove Location

BAMBŪ Desserts & Drinks Opens Elk Grove Location
Photo Credit: Trinity Haynes

Bambu Desserts & Drinks, located at 8139 Elk Grove Blvd, recently had their grand opening on April 15, offering a wide variety of delectable Vietnamese-inspired drinks such as coffees, teas, and smoothies.

Moreover, Bambu replaced, “Boba Tea House,” who was previously at this same location, which offered a similar drink menu but not as extensive. For example, Bambu also offers Mochi and Waffles.

Diverse Menu

Photo Credit: Trinity Haynes

Interestingly, their menu caters to many ages and cultures with its specialty drinks. Oftentimes, it is suggested that their drinks be paired with their mochi and waffles. According to the manager, Truong Tran, drinks are made fresh daily, and from scratch in an effort to optimize taste.

“We have a diverse range of drinks: Filipino Bambo Halo Halo, Taiwanese Milk Tea, including Vietnamese, South East Asian, and Hispanic drinks. We also have non-dairy and vegan options”

Truong Tran, Manager

Premium Smoothies

Furthermore, many drinks are already becoming popular amongst customers. For example, Mango Dazzle has been a customer favorite. It is coated in thick sweets, and sprinkled with your choice of rainbow jellies. Overall, there are about 15 toppings, ranging from boba, basil seeds and tapioca. The pairing of these with real fruits is a journey for the taste buds. Strawberry, avocado, chocolate, honeydew, and pina colada are also popular.

Teas and Che

Photo Credit: Trinity Haynes

Also, the teas come in many smooth mixable flavors. Including avocado, bean, tapioca, and taro.

“I’ve driven all the way to Sacramento for these flavors, now I can save time, and spend more to support my local store”

Denis Trong, Customer

Important to note, the left Bambu Specials contain fresh coconut, pandan jelly, longan, basil seed, and coconut water. Rightmost, the Awesome Trio can be customized with chopped fruits. To that end, much like the Fruit Addict CHe Trai Cay, containing lychee, longan, Red Tapioca, jackfruit, Palm Seed, jello, pandan jelly, coconut & Coconut milk.

Planning Your Visit

Photo Credit: Trinity Haynes

Hours of operation are from 11 AM to 8 PM Sunday through Thursday, and 11 AM to 9 PM Friday and Saturday. To learn more about Bambu Desserts & Drinks CLICK HERE

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