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Crumbl Cookies: Elk Grove’s Sweet Spot

Crumbl Cookies: Elk Grove’s Sweet Spot

Let’s be honest, we’re all suckers for baked goods! Of course, Elk Grove Tribune always has your cravings covered!

Crumbl Cookies has just arrived in the Costco shopping center right here in Elk Grove! The exact location is 7560 Elk Grove Blvd. Of course, I just had to try these sweet bites, and I absolutely have to give you all my thoughts! Read on!

Photo Credit: Grace Davis


When I entered Crumbl’s store, I was immediately confronted with the warm scent of fresh cookies. The smell was so strong, it went through my mask! Right away, I was greeted by friendly staff and led to the order screen. I chose to order my cookies on the touch screen, but many people ordered with the cashier. I was given the option to order three types of boxes. Individual, a 4-pack box, and a party box (12 cookies). While I liked these options, I found them a bit problematic as any family over 4 people might have to order individually, possibly making their order more expensive. Not to worry, however. Crumb’s ordering process is smooth and simple, with my order coming out ready only 5 minutes later.

Photo Credit: Grace Davis

I decided to order all 6 of Crumbl’s cookies! Crumble starts each week with 4 new cookie flavors and has 2 regularly available flavors. So keep in mind the cookies I had this week may not be the same when you visit Crumbl. Now, let’s try the cookies!

Photo Credit: Grace Davis

Classic Chocolate Chip

I was blown away by how thick the classic chocolate chip cookie was! As for its taste, warm and gooey with large chunks of soft milk chocolate. This cookie is easily sharable and absolutely delicious. While I normally don’t like chocolate chip cookies (unless I make them), Crumbl’s chocolate chip cookie is my favorite cookie! This is a classic and one of the two cookie flavors regularly available. Definitely give this one a try!

Photo Credit: Grace Davis

Crumbl’s carrot cake tastes exactly how it sounds. Essentially, a slice of carrot cake shrunk down to the size of a cookie! Like the chocolate chip cookie, the carrot cake cookie is thick, except instead of chocolate, it’s filled with shredded carrots and cinnamon. Its flavor is bold, especially when combined with the light, fluffy, cream cheese frosting. This is the perfect cookie for Spring! Definitely worth a try!

Photo Credit: Grace Davis

Imagine the Mother’s brand of these iced oatmeal classic cookies. Now make it warmer, and about 4 times bigger! Yum! The bite is soft and filled with both blended and whole oats. The glaze adds a perfect balance to the cookie’s sweetness. This was my brother’s favorite cookie!

Photo Credit: Grace Davis

Sea Salt Toffee

The sea salt toffee disappointed. The idea of toffee in a cookie is exciting, but the toffee felt hard and easily stuck to my teeth. The salt was overpowering, so the overall flavor was hidden. This wasn’t our favorite, and I’d skip this one next time.

Photo Credit: Grace Davis

Cookies and Cream

Cookies and cream is a classic flavor that’s bound to be delicious! Stuffed with Oreo cookies and white chocolate chips drizzled with icing to top it all off, the icing was light, and fit well with the bite. The white chocolate chips mixed well with the Oreo cookies. Overall, delicious!

Photo Credit: Grace Davis

The final cookie I tried was the classic sugar cookie. This is Crumbl’s other regularly available cookie, which is great because this cookie’s flavor was mouth-watering! The cookie was served cold, making the frosting slightly hard on the top. The cookie itself had a strong almond flavor, which worked well with the frosting. This was a favorite among my family!


Crumbl Cookies is a great addition to Elk Grove’s many dessert options! The cookies are huge, the customer service is great, and the experience is fun! Head on over to Crumbl Cookies for your cookie craving!!

Happy Dining!

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