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Arrest Made On Mysterious Loud Booms All Over Elk Grove, M-80’s To Blame

Arrest Made On Mysterious Loud Booms All Over Elk Grove, M-80’s To Blame

Two teenagers, both 17 years of age, have been arrested by the Elk Grove Police Department. Surprisingly, they had in their possession explosives. Additionally, they were responsible for loud booms that were reported in the area. These explosions have been heard all over town for months. Many questions have been posted on social media, as residents were concerned over the noise during nighttime hours.

The Elk Grove Police had responded to a report of a loud explosion that was heard in the area of Lockford Way and E. Park Drive. Fortunately, a community member was able to obtain and report information on a vehicle that was involved. Officers located the vehicle upon their arrival and made contact with the two occupants. Immediately, they detected “M-80” style explosives and items commonly used to manufacture explosive devices. Both occupants were detained, and the vehicle was searched. Upon a probable cause search of the two suspects and the vehicle, police found additional “M-80” style explosive devices.

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The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office Explosive Ordinance Detail (EOD) arrived to assist the Elk Grove Police with the items they had located. Both suspects were booked into the Sacramento County Juvenile Hall. As expected they will stay in custody for various charges.

What Are M-80’s?

M-80 is a pyrotechnic device that requires a license issued by federal authorities. Federal and state officials sometimes distribute them to farmers in order to scare away wildlife that are damaging their crops. Additionally, M-80’s are not fireworks. However, they are an American class of large powerful firecrackers, sometimes called salutes. Indeed, these are dangerous explosives with an above 150-decibel range level. The M-80 was originally made in the early 20th century by the U.S. military to simulate explosives or artillery fire. Additionally, they are known to cause property damage and severe bodily harm. M-80’s are illegal in the United States.

The Elk Grove Police Department will continue investigating reports of loud booms and mysterious explosions throughout town. Furthermore, they are asking that anyone with information please contact them at (916) 714-5115.

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