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Heavenly Food From Louisiana Heaven

Heavenly Food From Louisiana Heaven


Photo Credit: Trinity Haynes

Bringing authentic aesthetics to the community, Louisiana Heaven is a soul food restaurant presenting the foods of America’s southern culture. The outside seating area provides generous shade for customers as they sit and enjoy their meal. The inside seating give customers room to socially distance, watch TV, and listen to R&B music. A wall-to-wall collection of Louisiana memorabilia and hall of fame celebrity patrons immerse you fully.

Photo Credit: Trinity Haynes

Menu Options

Moderate prices paired with large food portions provide a range of options for lunch and dinner meals. Owner, LaShunda Cormier is the youngest of a large family and was tasked to do most of the cooking. 

“Generational passing down of teachings, we cooked for ourselves and word spread from the people are us.”

-LaShunda Cormier, Owner
Photo Credit: Trinity Haynes

Cajun Red Snapper & Red Beans & Rice 

Photo Credit: Trinity Haynes

The Red Snapper was fresh and crispy, topped with zesty Cajun seasoning. It came with rich sides of choice including mac and cheese, cornbread, and red beans and rice. Above all, the different flavors, smells, and colors fulfilled the senses. To wash it down, a mimosa with a punch. 

Rib Sandwich & Cajun Fries

Photo Credit: Trinity Haynes

Shredded ribs covered in barbecue sauce served on sandwich bread. The large side of Cajun fries were warm and appetizing. By contrast, the sweet, cold lemonade was a great addition. As a dessert option, the powdered beignets were very fluffy. 

Fried Cabbage & Ribs

Photo Credit: Trinity Haynes

Alone, the fried cabbage had a variety of flavors. Eaten with ribs, the mouthwatering dish drizzled with barbecue sauce was unique. A customer, John Sylva, seemed to think similarly about the food:

“Everything is good here. It reminds me of home cooking in Alabama:

John Sylva, Customer


Photo Credit: Trinity Haynes

Restaurant staff are masked at all times. They convey smiles in their eyes, and ready to take your order.

Briana Pruitt, a student employee, told us about the community projects she’s been part of since working at Louisiana Heaven. She told us about her involvement in the Martin Luther King, Jr. mural project, and how giving free meals to local residents in need impacted the local community in a positive way. 

“There are a lot of McDonald’s, but only one Louisiana Heaven. That’s special”

-Briana Pruitt, Student Employee
Photo Credit Trinity Haynes


Highlighting black owned restaurants showcases the diversity in Sacramento County. Being one of the few black owned businesses in the area, Cormier shared this advice:

“Support and spread the knowledge. Someone taught you so teach someone else. We all share this community, we all serve each other”

-LaShunda Cormier, Owner of Louisiana Heaven

Planning a Visit

The restaurant relocated from it’s original location in Elk Grove in 2008 to it’s current location at 6623 Valley Hi Drive in South Sacramento. They have dine-in seating with the requirement that all customers are masked. They also offer takeout and delivery options.

Hours of operation are Tuesday-Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m and Sunday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. They are closed Mondays.

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