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Prepare For Lines At The EGUSD COVID-19 Testing Sites

Prepare For Lines At The EGUSD COVID-19 Testing Sites
Photo Credit: Marissa Johnson

As Elk Grove Unified School District students begin to return to the classroom, the district is taking concerted efforts to slow the spread of any potential coronavirus infections. New variants of the coronavirus are expected to occur. However, the infectious Omicron variant has increased the need to proactively provide COVID-19 testing throughout the City of Elk Grove.

As a result, Elk Grove Unified School District has opened nearly a dozen COVID-19 testing locations throughout the City of Elk Grove, made available to students and staff, regardless of vaccination status. The following EGUSD testing sites are open Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM:

  • Robert L. Trigg Education Center (9310 Elk Grove-Florin Road, Elk Grove 95624)
  • Gerber Road Offices (8431 Gerber Road, Sacramento 95828)
  • Cosumnes Oaks High School (8350 Lotz Parkway, Elk Grove 95624)
  • Elk Grove High School (9800 Elk Grove-Florin Road, Elk Grove 95624)
  • Florin High School (7956 Cottonwood Lane, Sacramento 95828)
  • Franklin High School (6400 Whitelock Parkway, Elk Grove 95757)
  • Laguna Creek (9050 Vicino Drive, Elk Grove 95758)
  • Monterey Trail High School (8661 Power Inn Road, Elk Grove 95624)
  • Pleasant Grove High School (9531 Bond Road, Elk Grove 95624)
  • Sheldon High School (8333 Kingsbridge Drive, Sacramento 95829)
  • Valley High School (6300 Ehrhardt Avenue, Sacramento 95823)
News & Events Editor Marissa Johnson Waiting In Line At The Franklin High School Testing Site
Photo Credit: Marissa Johnson

If you do head to an EGUSD testing site, however, be aware of long lines. In other words, come prepared with a charged smart phone, water, and snacks. During the wait, you will want to have something to do and some food or water to sustain yourself. Certainly, you will be waiting for awhile.

Elk Grove Tribune News & Events Editor Marissa Johnson reported waiting in approximately six hours at the Franklin High School testing site on January 3, 2022. Parents and students camped out bundled up in jackets and blankets. Above all, parents complained that the EGUSD didn’t seem to care that that people were waiting in line for hours. Important to note, when News & Events Editor Marissa Johnson was finally seen by medical staff, it was discovered that there was only one technician onsite conducting the testing.

Wendy Van & Sinh Tran
Photo Credit: Marissa Johnson

Parents Frustrated With Long Lines

Sinh Tran, pictured above, said of the long lines: 

“The school district really needs to change the protocols for COVID. For instance, the COVID testing is a classic example. If they want kids to be tested before coming back to school, a notice should be sent out in advance and not three days before school. We were in line waiting for a test for over five hours to learn that they ran out of tests. Consequently, the district should have known it was busy since they sent out the notice but they failed to provide enough staff at the test sites!”

– Sinh Tran, Elk Grove Unified School District Parent

There are other COVID-19 testing options to take advantage of before the Spring school session begins.


Huntington Learning Center

Home Testing Kit Options

Home testing kits are now available at CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and Amazon. However, with increased concerns surrounding the Omicron variant, however, many have reported a shortage of home testing kits at drug stores. If you are able to secure a testing kit from one of these drug store locations, please note that many of these businesses have placed a limit on the number of kits one can purchase. You can purchase rapid Covid testing kids on Amazon here.

Sacramento County Testing Sites

PCR and Antigen testing is available throughout Sacramento County on a walk-up basis for anyone two years or older. The PCR and Antigen tests are conducted with a self-administered nasal swab. While some locations have experienced a shortage of Antigen tests , the PCR tests are still available. These testing locations can be found here:

Your Medical Provider

Please check in with your personal medical provider and see if they are providing COVID-19 testing. Notable healthcare providers in the Greater Sacramento area include Kaiser, Sutter, UC Davis, and Dignity Health.

As a reminder, the Elk Grove Unified School District requests that you keep your children home from school if they are exhibiting symptoms of illness. If your child tests positive for COVID-19, they will need to quarantine for the period of time recommended by the California Department of Public Health. Above all, testing your child before returning to school is a great way to impede the spread of Covid-19.

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