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Mayor Singh-Allen Reads To Local Children At Black History Month Pop-up Event At Savvy House Coffee Bar

Mayor Singh-Allen Reads To Local Children At Black History Month Pop-up Event At Savvy House Coffee Bar

Black History Month

The Savvy House Coffee Bar hosted a pop-up shop in honor of Black History Month! On Saturday, from 11AM-3PM. Savvy House Coffee Bar and A Seat at the Table was serving a whole lot more than good coffee and books.

A Seat At The Table

Owner of Savvy House Coffee Bar Jamaar Anderson hosted this event along with A Seat At The Table owners Emily and Ryan Autenrieth. During this event, which featured local vendors, prizes were given away, and there were plenty of good vibes to go around in and outside the Coffee Bar. Asked about Black History Month, Jamaar made the following remarks.

“Black History means connecting with who I am, finding out more about my heritage, my culture, and spreading that knowledge not only with my kids and my people but to the people around me.”

Jamaar Anderson

The event was organized by A Seat at the Table, Elk Grove’s kyriarchy-smashing bookstore. While, the bookstore does not have a physical location yet, you can count on seeing them at pop-up shops like this and online orders. Ryan Autenrieth, owner was happy to chat about his reasons for holding the event.

“Black History Month should really be Black History year, but its so important that we recognize Black history, Black culture and highlight Black authors, entrepreneurs, and the diversity Elk Grove represents.”

Ryan Autenrieth

The highlight was the newly elected Mayor of Elk Grove, Bobbie Singh-Allen, as the special guest in an open book reading. In an interview with Mayor Singh-Allen, she told Elk Grove Tribune, events like these are important for her to attend.

It is important for the community that I represent that I am accessible, visible, and here for them. I wholeheartedly support Black History Month and honor African American trailblazers. Furthermore, collaboration from small business to small business strengthens and unites the community. 

Mayor Of Elk Grove, Bobbie Singh-Allen


The vendors lined the walkway in front of Savvy House Coffee Bar making for an exciting sight to see from the parking lot. The sun was shining, a perfect day for some outdoor shopping, after your favorite drink of course.

 When asked what she wanted to tell Elk Grove Tribune readers, Rebecca Bonton, owner of Envisionary Dreams said, “Keep Dreaming.” Envisionary Dreams had a wide variety of handcrafted designs including mugs and shirts. According to their Instagram, they also do event planning.

CultureXCommunity, owner Amanda Esquilin, is all about bringing Unity to our diverse communities. Media and apparel is what they do.

Ms. Debi Robinson of Chappell Real Estate had a spin the wheel with some amazing prizes. Valentine’s Day gift sets, gift cards, candy, mugs. and she left us with some house buying tips. “Offers got to come in strong,” Ms. Robinson goes on “be pre-approved and to give me a call”! 

Support Local Small Businesses

The City of Elk Grove is encouraged to support local small businesses today and everyday. Start with your coffee spot. Savvy House Coffee Bar is located at 9630 Bruceville Road Unit 104. Hours are Monday-Saturday from 8:00AM-6:00PM. Sundays from 8:00AM-2:00PM.

Follow the Savvy Coffee House on Facebook. Instagram. Stop by for some of their tasty coffee and be on the lookout for their next event.

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