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Mayor Singh-Allen Gives 2022 State of the City Address

Mayor Singh-Allen Gives 2022 State of the City Address

Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen delivered her first in-person State of the City address since the start of the pandemic on Mar 25 at The Center at District56. She emphasized the city’s rapid growth while touching on a variety of community development projects.

The event was presented by the Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce and the City of Elk Grove.

Attendees included members from the Sacramento Zoological Society; elected officials of the Wilton Rancheria Tribe, and members of the Cosumnes Community Services District Board among many others.

“At CSD, we’re proud of the fact that we have such a great partnership with the city which is so important for the benefit of serving the community, and Bobbie can show us how to strengthen that partnership going forward.”

-Jaclyn Moreno, Cosumnes CSD President

A Body In Motion

Headlined with the theme, “A Body In Motion,” some of Singh-Allen’s key moments were on: Housing solutions; new developments; city growth, and transportation.

Throughout her speech, a sense of pushing forward towards progress was felt. Citing Physicist Sir Issac Newton’s First Law of Motion, a body in motion stays in motion. Singh-Allen uses this theme to cleverly detail citywide progress and changes to the city’s infrastructure.

“Elk Grove is a body in motion that will continue to move toward a brighter future for today’s residents and future generations. Our people are the momentum for continued growth, change, and influence.”

-Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen

Since the opening of the 28 acre preserve at District 56, it has enabled the community to explore new walking trails, and enjoy nature. Additionally, the development offers a unique park setting, and an expansive parking lot. Interestingly, a net zero impact solar project will soon enable the facility to support its own energy use.

The Preserve at District56
Photo Credit: City of Elk Grove

Additionally, Singh-Allen spoke about the completion of the Capital Southeast Connector, and how it has added easier access to developing areas.

This includes the construction of The Sky River Casino on Grant Line Road.

As community members eagerly await updates on the opening of the casino, Singh-Allen gave insight on the construction timeline.

“According to Chairman Tarango, construction is ahead of schedule,” Singh-Allen said, “their first phase is expected to open by the end of this year.”

“I am excited for what this project will bring to the Tribe and to our community.”

-Bobbie Singh-Allen, Elk Grove Mayor

“Big Things Are Happening in Old Town”

Singh-Allen also boasted about the reopening of the Old Town Plaza last summer – a $12 million dollar construction project offering public space in historic Old Town Elk Grove, along with the grand opening of Dust Bowl Brewing Company. Importantly, she emphasized how Elk Grove favors small businesses.

“The city is working hard to distribute $4 million dollars in ARPA funds to support our Elk Grove businesses, with an additional $2 million dollars that go to our nonprofits.”

-Bobbie Singh-Allen, Elk Grove Mayor

“A City That Cares”

In a heartfelt moment, Singh-Allen spoke about the recent tragic death of Officer Ty Lenehan – Elk Grove Police Department’s first fallen officer.

“I am so very proud to be part of a city that cares so deeply for its first responders, ” Singh-Allen said. She also acknowledged new departmental changes within EGPD.

Former Chief Timothy Albright holds press conference after Officer Ty Lenehan was tragically killed by wrong-way driver Photo Credit: Marissa Johnson

“As we said goodbye and thank you to our retiring chief Timothy Albright, we are looking forward to working with Chief Bobby Davis. To support the work with our officers, and to keep our community safe, and of course to ensure that we are a city welcome to all.”

-Bobbie Singh-Allen, Elk Grove Mayor
Chief Bobbie Davis Photo Credit: Elk Grove Police Department


Huntington Learning Center

Elk Grove Food Bank and Shelter

Since the start of the pandemic, the City has raised over $800 thousand dollars for the Elk Grove Food Bank’s new location on Kent Street. Importantly, the new location will provide more room for storage, and common essentials to those in need.

In regards to shelter, Singh-Allen talked about the city’s implementation of “The Overnight Warming Location Cooperative,” better known as OWL. Unsheltered residents were able to participate in this program last winter when colder temperatures were projected. Singh-Allen stressed the importance of continuing to work with: Elk Grove HART, Cosumnes Fire, and faith-based organizations to address homelessness.

Photo Credit: Elk Grove Food Bank

Transitional housing is one way to address homelessness, and Singh-Allen touched on the city’s newest transitional home.

“Last summer, we opened our third transitional house for the homeless. The Moon Creek house offers families up to twelve months of assistance with mentoring and support services on their journey toward more stable living conditions.

-Bobbie Singh-Allen, Elk Grove Mayor

Statistically, more than 80% of residents graduate from Moon Creek, and later secured permanent housing. Also, $2 million dollars in resources from the American Rescue Plan Act will identify flexible needs for recovery.

“I really enjoyed how she expanded upon where we’re going in the future with stakeholders, specifically what we’re doing together to maintain the quality of life on behalf of the people.”

-Felipe Rodriguez, Fire Chief Cosumnes Community Services District

Population Diversity

According to 2020 Census data, Elk Grove has increased by more than 15% since 2010. Singh-Allen attributed feedback from Elk Grove citizens on the safety of Elk Grove by way of The 2021 National Community Survey.

“Roughly three quarters of those who responded praised the level of safety in Elk Grove. 88% of those surveyed considered Elk Grove an excellent place to live, and 85% would recommend living in Elk Grove to someone who asks.”

Bobbie Singh-Allen, Elk Grove Mayor

Overall, the city of Elk Grove ranked in the 90th percentile for attracting diverse backgrounds. To that end, getting community feedback is beneficial, especially as the city redraws voting districts.

Singh-Allen also announced the Connected Elk Grove Smart City Plan for action.

“In the coming year, we’ll begin to activate our Connected Elk Grove plan to harness the power, technology and data to engage with residents and present information that will inform this city council, and future councils. “

-Bobbie Singh-Allen, Elk Grove Mayor

Zoo Relocation Development

Zoo entrance rendering
Adapted from City of Elk Grove Town Hall Presentation Slides

Interestingly, a new zoo could spark even more economic growth. Singh-Allen mentioned the City Council’s unanimous vote in favor of partnering with Sacramento Zoological Society to develop a modern zoological park. The city projects up to 1 million annual visitors and more than 250 jobs.

“The current Sacramento zoo is landlocked at only 14 acres. The world needs good zoos more than ever to create impactful experiences. We want to build a zoo that can educate people on animals and why they need our preservation.”

-Jason Jacobs, Executive Director of the Sacramento Zoo

No Slowdown in Local Development

Rendering of Project Elevate
Photo Credit: City of Elk Grove

Singh-Allen also touched on the city’s future public transportation projects. Moreover, extending Lightrail to Elk Grove, and building a train station that allows Ace Train and Amtrak service between Sacramento and the Bay Area is something Singh-Allen acknowledges the city needs.

Additionally, Singh-Allen talked about, “Project Elevate,” a 20 acre central plaza offering mixed space for public gathering, shopping and dining.

“There is absolutely no slowdown in local development and our economy. New retail, entertainment, dining and housing projects have been in progress all over the city”

-Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen


In conclusion, Singh-Allen expressed her pride in serving as Mayor of Elk Grove. Her optimism for the city’s continued growth thrives on the diversity of the people. She credits the community as, “sources of strength” that keep the city pushing forward.

Without a doubt, Singh-Allen remains optimistic for future generations to come.

“Our people are forward thinking people, seven generations down, so her focus today on what the future holds was very fitting because we have to keep an eye on the future”

Jesus Tarango, Chairman at Wilton Rancheria

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