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EGT Reads Between Will And Surrender, A Book About Spirituality and Empowering Women

EGT Reads Between Will And Surrender, A Book About Spirituality and Empowering Women

For the eighth episode of EGT Reads, we have a book called “Between Will and Surrender,” by Margaret Duarte. This work of women’s fiction is about spirituality and empowering women. Despite being a work of fiction, there is wisdom and science at play in the narrative.

Author Bio

Former middle school teacher, Margaret Duarte, lives on an Elk Grove dairy farm with a herd of “happy cows,” a constant reminder that the greenest pastures lie closest to home. Margaret earned her creative writing certificate through UC Davis Extension and has since published four novels in her “Enter the Between” fiction series: Between Will and Surrender, Between Darkness and Dawn, Between Yesterday and Tomorrow, and Between Now and Forever. Her poem and story credits include SPC Tule Review; The California Writers Club Literary Review; Finalist in the 2017 SLO Nightwriters Golden Quill Writing Contest; Finalist in the International Book Awards; First Place for fiction in 2016, Second Place for fiction in 2018, Honorable Mention for fiction in 2019, and First Place (Gold) for fiction in 2020 NORTHERN CALIFORNIA PUBLISHERS AND AUTHORS Book Awards Competition; First Place for adult fiction in the 2019 California Author Project.

– Margaret Duarte
Photo Credit: Margaret Duarte

Where Can I Get A Copy?

You can purchase a copy of “Between Will and Surrender” through this link.

Listen To Between Will And Surrender

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About The Author

Jennifer Ip

Jennifer Ip is our Staff Writer. Jennifer is a writer and small business owner in Elk Grove. She and her husband run a dog walking business together, and she also holds a Bachelor's degree in English. She has four years of publishing experience in different areas of writing: education, marketing, and blogging. Jennifer loves a good book, homemade food, and cuddling up with her dogs.

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