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Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers Grand Opening Creates Buzz in Elk Grove

Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers Grand Opening Creates Buzz in Elk Grove

After much anticipation, Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, located at 9164 E Stockton Blvd, held its ribbon-cutting and grand opening on Tuesday Feb 22.

In attendance were Elk Grove Vice Mayor, Darren Suen and Assemblymember Jim Cooper. Additionally, members of the Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce such as, President and Chief Executive Officer Angela Perry; Zaymah Kanemoto; and Genny Fulp were also in attendance.

Suen highlighted how challenging the food service industry is, and how the pandemic has made it even harder for businesses to thrive. Still, Suen looks forward to how the community and local economy will benefit from the restaurant.

“The food service industry is a tough business, especially in recent times. Coming out of the pandemic, it’s great to see this community oriented restaurant open its doors in Elk Grove!”

– Vice Mayor, Darren Suen
Photo credit: Vice Mayor Darren Suen
From left to right: Assemblymember Jim Cooper, Skyler Wonnacott, Vice Mayor Darren Suen
Photo Credit: Vice Mayor Darren Suen

Thus far, Elk Grove community members are responding well to the city’s new addition as many are taking notice to the boost in the city’s local economy.

“Raising Cane’s is just another addition to good eats in Elk Grove. We don’t have to travel far. So many businesses and restaurants are opening up bringing variety and jobs.”

-Ron Santos, Customer and long time Elk Grove resident

Menu Items

Raising Cane’s menu concept is what branded their popular motto. According to their website, it reads: “We only have ONE LOVE – quality chicken finger meals!”

Interestingly, a sign that says, “ONE LOVE” reiterates their simple menu, and can be found above the cash register area.

To that end, chicken fingers are the only items on their menu. Customers can expect combination meals to come with three, four, and six chicken fingers. They are: “The Box Combo;” “The 3 Finger Combo,” and “The Caniac Combo“, all of which come with a side of Texas Toast, Crinkle Cut Fries, Coleslaw, a drink, and of course their popular Cane’s Sauce.

Important to note, there is one menu item that offers a slight deviation from the other options. The fourth combination meal, “The Sandwich Combo,” consists of three chicken fingers nestled inside of a toasted bun and smeared with Cane’s Sauce, giving customers the “burger-and-fries” comfort food experience they may long for when a hankering for fast-food arises.

(L) Top and bottom: “The Caniac Combo” (6 Chicken Finger combination) (R) The Sandwich Combo
Photo Credit: Marissa Johnson
The Sandwich Combo
Photo Credit: Marissa Johnson

Kids Menu and Drinks

Similar to the other chicken finger options, but on a smaller scale – “The Kids Combo,” offers kids two chicken fingers, crinkled cut fries, Cane’s Sauce and a 12 oz fountain drink, milk or apple juice.

Furthermore, Raising Cane’s offers a variety of Coca-Cola fountain drinks such as: Barque’s Root Beer; Dr. Pepper, and Sprite to name a few. However, their famous cold tea (sweetened and unsweetened) and fresh lemonade (from fresh lemons) are the most highly sought after choices.


Inside, customers are immediately drawn to the modern yet industrial aesthetic. For example, exposed duct-work lines the ceilings, and juxtaposed with disco balls. Additionally, the seating is a mashup of bar stools and benches, which lends itself well to a casually cool dining experience. Also, there are corners within the restaurant that evoke a collegiate vibe as local Elk Grove schools are represented in framed artwork on display. Comparatively, A vignette of shadow boxes with mementos, and a photo of Raising Cane’s Founder and CEO, Todd Graves is shown with his dog, Raising Cain I – hence the name of the restaurant.

Photo Credit: Marissa Johnson
Corner Booth
Photo Credit: Marissa Johnson

The Verdict

Overall, Raising Cane’s delivers exceptionally well on quality and taste. Their chicken tenders were the perfect blend of soft and crispy. Despite how busy it was, everything came out hot and fresh. Not only that, the staff was friendly, and handled each customer with care. My only criticism is that the restaurant lacks a dessert option, but maybe that’s a good thing for me.

Raising Cane’s hours of Operation are: Sunday – Wednesday 9 AM – 2 AM and Thursday – Saturday 9 AM – 3:30 AM.

To learn more, visit them online at:

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