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Elk Grove Welcomes Gangnam Ave. 2Go!

Elk Grove Welcomes Gangnam Ave. 2Go!

Elk Grove is filled with diversity. It’s what makes our city so unique! With that being said, it also means that our city is filled with restaurants of all cuisines. Gangnam Ave. 2Go is Elk Grove’s newest Korean restaurant, serving authentic dishes in a to-go style. 

Located off of Elk Grove Blvd., Gangnam Ave. 2Go is sure to bring Elk Grovians swarming! The food is authentic, and the service is friendly!

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I arrived early because I wasn’t sure how long the line would be. However, luckily there were only a few people in front of me so waiting wasn’t an issue. After we ordered, we went outside to wait, since there is no space to wait inside Gangnam Ave. 2Go. While this wasn’t an issue when I visited, I can foresee Elk Grove’s cool/cold winters making this uncomfortable. We ended up waiting for about 20 minutes. The staff is still training so it is likely that wait times will decrease over time. Once we had our food, it was time to take it home and give it a try!

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Beef Bulgogi Rice Bowl

Our first dish was the rice bowl. Filled with toppings, the rice bowl was definitely worth the cost. The beef was fragrant and filled with a grilled flavor. The sesame seeds gave it the perfect crunch, satisfying that need. The vegetables also encompassed the beef flavor, so there was never any interruption. Overall, this was a hit among my party. 

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Fried Chicken Cutlet Signature Dosirak

Our next dish was their signature dinner box. This came with the main protein, rice, a fried mandu, kimchi, and four side dishes. The dinner box could easily feed two people, as it was packed with veggies and meat. I chose the fried chicken cutlets, which were cooked to perfection. The outer bite was crunchy and the inside was juicy. The dipping sauce was sweet and worked well with the savory meat. The sides were all cold. I enjoyed them all, but the broccoli and kimchi stood out in flavor. 

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Korean Style Ham & Cheese Mochi Corn Dog

We also decided to order two sides with our meals, the first being a mochi con dog. I enjoyed the sweet treat. Coated with sugar, this warm bite reminded me of food at the State Fair. I was a bit confused at first, as the cheese part was all on top of the ham. I expected the two to be intertwined in order to get both flavors in one bite. But, this was still an enjoyable side! 

Fried Mandu

Our final side was the fried mandu. This came with eight pieces and a vinegar dipping sauce. These were crispy and stuffed with meat and vegetables. Another hit with my party. They even stayed hot throughout our drive home. 


I have a feeling that Gangnam Ave. 2Go will become very popular among Elk Grove residents. The food is fresh and very flavorful with a variety of options. Overall, I was very satisfied with my visit! Happy Dining! 

Gangnam Ave. 2Go

8469 Elk Grove Blvd Ste 6 Elk Grove, CA 95758



Sun-Sat: 11:30 am – 8:00 pm

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