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Love & Support At Second Protest In Elk Grove Supporting Asian Americans

Love & Support At Second Protest In Elk Grove Supporting Asian Americans

A second protest on March 21st hosted by Dr. Allen Duong showcased the love and support that exists in the city of Elk Grove. With well over sixty people turning up at the protest and a raucous of honks, the demonstration was a success. The event was held in response to the surge of Asian hate crimes throughout the country. 

Photo Credit: Jennifer Ip
“I promise to teach my children to love your children.”
Photo Credit: Lydia Ajay of Ajay’s Karate

How It Started 

Elk Grove Tribune recently wrote about the first protest hosted by Dr. Allen Duong. Duong is a local acupuncturist whose clinic is in Elk Grove. He and his son were concerned about the Asian hate crimes happening throughout the country. Indeed, they both felt like it was time to do something. So, they made signs out of cardboard and stood at the intersection of Laguna Boulevard and Bruceville Road. 

Photo Credit: Jennifer Ip

Hate Is A Virus

That protest was a small success, and they were going to hold another on March 21st. The turnout was surprising, as more and more supporters arrived throughout the second event to hold up signs. Parents came along with their children. Both adults and children were seen holding up signs. Surprisingly, one supporter even brought their ukulele and sang songs. 

Photo Credit: Jennifer Ip
Pictured are Hach Yasumura & Amy Banh

Generally, the protest saw an impressive amount of champions and camaraderie from the cars passing by. Through Elk Grove Tribune’s Facebook live, the video is full of cheering and honking from passerbys. 

Photo Credit: Jennifer Ip
Photo Credit: Jennifer Ip

When asked about the event, Dr. Duong had a few encouraging words to say. 

“You know, it is as a community that we can fight hate. It takes a community to make this happen.”

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