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The Elk Grove Tribune is an Elk Grove news site which portrays local and community news, community events, and supports local businesses. Our Elk Grove news content comes from local authors throughout the community. We are not a one-man blog with one-person's opinions.

We are your community Elk Grove news site. Of, by, and for Elk Grove!


Meet the Team

The Elk Grove Tribune Staff Writers, Contributing Writers, Photographers and Videographers are Elk Grove residents and part of the fabric of our great community. We are Elk Grove News!

Dr. Jacqueline Cheung

Editor-In-Chief (On Medical Leave)
Community, News, Food, Parenting, & Adoption

Dr. Jacqueline "Jax" Cheung, DrPH, MBA, is our Editor-In-Chief. Jax is also the owner of the awarding winning Jax Chronicles Blog & Adoption Ministry. She enjoys freelancing for Sacramento4Kids and many other publications. She was voted Sacramento Area A-List Best Local Blogger 2014, 2015, 2017 & 2018 and Best of Elk Grove Best Blogger 2016 & 2017. In 2019 Jax was recognized for Outstanding Service & Dedication to Elk Grove and also received an Award of Recognition from the California State Senate. Jax lives in Elk Grove with her husband and 2 daughters. To follow Jax's journey please like her Jax Chronicles Facebook, follow her Instagram @jaxchronicles, follow her Twitter @jaxchronicles, or check out Jax Chronicles Blog & Adoption Ministry.


Dr. Sunny Le

Acting Editor-in-Chief
Executive Editor

Community, News, Events, & Business

Dr. Sunny Le is our Executive Editor and has a passion for community engagement and helping the community grow. He is your local expert on what's happening in Elk Grove. His articles focus on community, events, local news, and local businesses to provide an entertaining read.


Chris Lodgson

News & Events Editor
Community, News, & Food

Chris Lodgson  our News & Events Editor. Chris is a researcher and regulatory analyst at a legal information company, where he creates and delivers legal content on current issues on a daily basis. Originally from New York City, he's also a local organizer, business owner, and social media-marketer supporting Sacramento County Black-owned businesses.


Shing Long

Staff Writer
Community, News, & Food

Shing Long is our Staff Writer. Shing is the currently a Relationship Coach with Relationship Hero, providing coaching services for those who struggle in maintaining or rekindling connections with loved ones. She enjoys seeing what each community has to offer and likes sharing her discoveries with others so they have the opportunity to fall equally in love with their surrounding. In her spare time, Shing enjoys photography, telling cheesy jokes, and spontaneous road trips.


Roshá Hester

Staff Writer
News, Community, & Food

Roshá is our Staff Writer. Originally from Ohio, Roshá, a graduate of Ohio State University, has worked in higher education for over 15 years. As a new California resident and nature lover, Roshá enjoys road-trips and exploring NorCal with her family.

Jeff Bravo

Photographer/Videographer, & Staff Writer

Jeff Bravo is our Photographer, Videographer, and Staff Writer. Raised in Sacramento, Jeff has grown to love the Sacramento/Elk Grove area over the years. He is always seeking opportunities to capture our beautiful region through both the art of video and photography. He has a passion for capturing moments and creating lasting memories — striving to prove that maybe pictures are worth more than just a thousand words.

Lisa Stanley

Staff Writer

Community, News, & Food

Lisa Stanley is our Staff writer and also is an auditor,  business owner, and a local organizer. She inspires and empowers women through fitness to find their inner and outer strength by focusing on the mind and body.


Selena Enriquez

Student Intern

Community, News, & Food

Selena Enriquez is our Student Intern. Selena a commissioner for the Elk Grove Youth Commission and has a passion to serve and advocate for those around her. She currently attends Elk Grove High School, and plans to study Public Policy in college to become a lawyer. She strives to shine light on the struggles that the Elk Grove community faces through her writing. She frequently enjoys playing guitar, tennis, and gardening.


Dr. Kenneth Cheung

Contributing Staff Writer

Health, Medicine, Neurology, & Sports Injuries

Dr. Kenneth Cheung is a licensed Neurologist/Sports Neurologist with Dignity Health. He specializes in traumatic brain injuries, is excellent at  diagnosing strokes, and has a profound interest in preventative health and public safety in youth and professional sports.


Huyen Ngo

Contributing Staff Writer
Finance & Community

Huyen has a passion for Financial Education and is a Campaigner to help the working class, particularly families. She has a ton of tips on financial planning and managing your family's finances. Got a finance question? Just ask Huyen!


Rachel Lee Perez

Content Editor
News, Community, & Food

Rachel Lee Perez is our Content Editor. Rachel is a two-time published author of the books Happily Ever Afterlife and Home. She is also a podcaster, paralegal, dance instructor, and passionate Elk Grove City resident. When she is not attending fun Elk Grove events, you can usually find her at home watching history documentaries, catching up on true crime podcasts, or diving into a good book.


Jennifer Ip

Food Editor / Acting Executive Editor

Food & Community

Jennifer Ip our Food Editor. Jennifer is a writer and small business owner in Elk Grove. She and her husband run a dog walking business together, and she also holds a Bachelor's degree in English. She has four years of publishing experience in different areas of writing: education, marketing, and blogging. Jennifer loves a good book, homemade food, and cuddling up with her dogs.

Mia K. Lam

Marketing Consultant & Staff Writer
Community, News, Food & Parenting

Mia K. Lam is our Marketing Consultant & Staff Writer and comes to us with a diverse background. She is an entrepreneur and owner of multiple businesses including Crab City and ML Marketing Agency. With over 15+ years of television and digital marketing experience, Mia is able to work closely with local businesses and the community.


Michelle Silveira

Staff Writer
Community, News, Food & Parenting

Michelle is our Staff Writer. She is an American television actress from Hollywood contracted with Disney and Warner Bros. Studios who is known for her comedic roles in many television shows including The Steve Harvey Show, Step by Step and Living Single. She holds a bachelor’s degree from SFSU in Psychology and Drama. Michelle has a passion for film, television, world travel, history and culture. She is an avid reader and an inspiring movie buff with a keen sense of fashion and food along with a deep love for animals, people and life.


Sinéad Gray

Staff Writer
Community, News, & Investigative Journalism

Sinéad Gray is our Staff Writer. Sinéad is an investigative journalist, fueled by coffee and a never-ending font of inquisitiveness, favorite place to publish uncensored content relating to the anti-racism movement is her own blog. She focuses on person to person journalism, with the goal to amplify the voices and struggles of the beleaguered communities suffering from the long term effects of institutionalized racism


Grace Davis

Social Media Specialist & Staff Writer

Community, News, & Food

Grace Davis is our Social Media Specialist and Staff Writer. Grace is a sophomore at Biola University. Her hometown is Elk Grove, Ca where she graduated from Cosumnes Oaks High School in 2019. She has a passion for cooking and Disney.

Maria Kang

Contributing Staff Writer
Health, Fitness, & Self-Care

No Excuse Mom Elk Grove is a free fit mom community created in 2009. They host weekly workouts, plan social events, and prioritize the importance of self-care, friendship, and fitness.

Joe Blankenship

Contributing Staff Writer
Real Estate, Finance, & Community

Joe has spent the last 21 years in the Finance & Real Estate field, helping families turn houses into homes of life, laughter, and love. Real world expertise, combined with real life results, come together in his writing to help families build Real Wealth.

Dhaval Shah is our Sports Writer. He keeps us informed about local sports games and activities.


Chris Fry

Contributing Staff Writer
Legal News & Laws

Chris Fry, esq. is a civil litigation attorney based in Sacramento, CA where he runs Fry Law Corporation with a focus on personal injury, auto accidents, foreclosure and civil litigation.

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