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Sunfed Ranch Beef: Grass-Fed Makes A Difference!

Sunfed Ranch Beef: Grass-Fed Makes A Difference!

I got the chance to try out filet mignon from SunFed Ranch, and I was blown away by the quality and flavor of the meat. You can find SunFed Ranch products at your local Raley’s or Nugget Market. Please note, Nugget Market seems to have a wider selection. These affordable cuts of meat taste better than beef raised on corn and soy products.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Ip

Who Is Sunfed Ranch?

“SunFed Ranch is a hometown, truly Northern Californian company raising 100% hormone-free, sustainable, local grass-fed beef. These are cattle raised on what they were born to eat; grasses throughout Northern California much like their ancestors hundreds (even thousands) of years ago. You can feel and taste that heritage and quality in SunFed Ranch beef. Founded by a fourth generation rancher and based out of a beautiful ranch in the Northern Sacramento Valley town of Wheatland, SunFed Ranch produces grass-fed beef that this community can be proud of. There are common misconceptions about grass-fed beef as being tough, chewy, sub-quality, overpriced. One bite of a SunFed Ranch steak, cooked to perfection, blows those assumptions away.”

From SunFed Ranch’s website
Photo Credit: Jennifer Ip

What’s So Great About Grass-Fed?

First things first, most people in America don’t typically eat beef that is grass-fed. Due to the nature of the livestock industry, most animals are fed with either corn or soy products. Why? Because it is so much cheaper to keep livestock in a confined area and dump their food into containers. Having to keep pastures and grasses healthy for cows and other livestock to eat is expensive for farmers. So, most farmers stick to a corn and soy diet for their livestock. However, there is a stark difference in taste between livestock that has been raised on corn or soy versus grass-fed.

The Filet Mignon

I got several cuts of meat, but for this article I’m going to focus on the filet mignon because it’s one of my favorite cuts. Located on the inner backside of the cow, this cut is known for being lean and tender. But, it is also generally the most expensive cut too. The most popular cuts of steak are generally filet mignon and ribeye.

The filet mignon came in a vacuum sealed bag. The meat had a healthy red color, and was placed into a hot skillet filled with butter. After searing the meat for five minutes on each side, I turned the heat to low, and covered the skillet. Then after 15 to 20 minutes of cooking, I used a thermometer to check the temperature. Once the meat reached 145 degrees I took it out, let it rest on a plate for 15 mins and dug in.

The filet mignon tasted perfectly seasoned and tender. Keep in mind, I did not use salt. But because the beef was on a grass-fed diet, it tasted like it had been seasoned. While my knife didn’t melt into the meat, it was still tender enough to cut through. The meat was not hard, and had a little chewiness to it. My husband and daughters all enjoyed the filet mignon. Overall, I and the rest of my family thoroughly enjoyed the meal. We will be buying from Sunfed Ranch in the near future. I would love to check out their grass-fed ribeye as well.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Ip

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