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Huntington Learning Center Is Here To Help

Huntington Learning Center Is Here To Help

We’ve all adjusted to a new normal due to the Coronavirus. But for many students and their families, distance learning presents new learning challenges. We define distance learning as a method of education where classes are delivered over the internet. Similar to home-schooling, distance learning requires the entire family, including parents and grandparents to take on the role of teacher. Often, they take on this role while simultaneously working from home themselves.

Huntington Learning Center, Inc. (Huntington) is a family-owned education business. Located at 9105 Bruceville Road Suite 4A Elk Grove, CA 95758 at the corner of Laguna Boulevard and Bruceville Road, it’s known as a learning center for youth. Recently, Huntington asked students to nominate an educator in the community for its Elk Grove Education Hero of the Year Award. This year’s winner is Jackie Ferreira, Principal of Carroll Elementary School. Mayor of Elk Grove Bobbie Singh-Allen attended the Zoom award ceremony.

“I had the honor to present their “Education Hero of the Year” award to Principal Ferreira from Carroll Elementary School. Principal Ferreira has done a great job of keeping families and students connected during Covid-19 and distance learning. I was humbled to present this award as the proud Mayor of Elk Grove. I plan to continue to provide support in education as the former trustee for EGUSD.”

Mayor of Elk Grove Bobbie Singh-Allen

Quality, Accredited Tutoring, and Testing Help

Clearly, Huntington is deeply-rooted in the Elk Grove community. However, you may wonder, “What about my kids?” Well, we’ve got great news for you! Tutoring and testing help is a simple phone call away. Indeed, if your child is in need of tutoring, quality and individual attention are of utmost importance.

Recently, Huntington launched HuntingtonHelp Live. HuntingtonHelp Live is a tutoring service for students in grades K-12. The service offers flexible scheduling for online, personalized, 1-on-1 tutoring needs. Additional services provided include ACT, SAT, and standardized exam preparation. HuntingtonHelp Live opens Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM. The services open Saturday’s 9:00 AM-1:00 PM and closed on Sunday.

With Huntington, you can rest assured knowing your child receives homework and study help from certified instructors. Huntington’s tutors are accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Moreover, with 14 years of experience in Elk Grove and over 40 years of total experience serving our youth, the proof is in the results. For example, some students’ reading and math results increased by a whopping 2+ grade levels. Other students’ SAT scores increased upwards of 229+ points. 

A 4-Step Approach to Students Success

Huntington’s 4-step approach to each individual child’s success drives their exemplary results. It starts with an evaluation to find the strengths and weaknesses of each student. Then, Huntington develops a personalized plan for each child, customizing its strategy to cater to the student’s individual learning pace and level. The end goal: Your child student gains the confidence to go forward. Constant communication with parents and guardians is a key part of the process. It really does takes a village to raise our children.

Bonnie Kam, co-owner of Huntington Learning Center in Elk Grove, and Cupertino is passionate about her work.

“Our focus is all the things that there’s not enough time in the day for, not enough energy or resources for, we can provide that. You don’t want them to fall behind or to lose their enthusiasm for learning. Because when they lose that. especially when they’re young, it’s really hard to get that back. That’s what I worry about the most. ”

Bonnie Kam

Call Huntington today. You have nothing to lose. But your child may gain confidence and improve school performance. For more information call (916) 683-0965 or check out Huntington Learn Center Elk Grove on Facebook. Also, visit their website at Huntington Learning Center Elk Grove.



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