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Savvy House Coffee Bar Hosts Black History Month Event

Savvy House Coffee Bar Hosts Black History Month Event

Elk Grove coffee shop, Savvy House Coffee Bar, located at 9630 Bruceville Rd, hosted a weekend long event celebrating Black History Month featuring local vendors and performers, including meet and greets with Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen and candidate for Sacramento County District Attorney, Alana Mathews.

“Once the community feels like they own the place and it’s theirs, then we’re going to have a lasting longevity. They feel apart of it, it’s their second home of solice.”

-Jamar Anderson, Store Owner

Elk Grove’s Diversity

Beginning, many people came for usual morning breakfast, admiring the set up of festivities. Many people had supportive sentiments toward the store owner and their promotion of social awareness. Amongst many happy patrons was Elk Grove Mayor, Bobbie Singh-Allen.

“We are a majority minority city, and as soon as you walk in you feel welcomed and comfortable by all. Very representative of Elk Grove which starts in the grassroots effort.”

-Bobby Singh-Allen, Mayor of Elk Grove

Furthermore, she expressed the importance of investing in small businesses and, “Elk Grovians.”

Photo Credit: Trinity Haynes; (L) to (R) Michael Estes, Kia Vue, Zaymah Kanemoto, Landy, Sauvannarath, Debi Robinson, Bobbie Singh-Allen, Michelle Zhu-Howerton, and Jamar Anderson

Food and Fare

Outside, Sugar Coated Cupcakes had a variety of desserts. One cupcake, Black Velvet History, stood out among others on their menu. As the country’s first mobile cupcakery and dry bar, they won Best of Sac 2021 with their macaroons and cupcakes. They were delighted to be at this event, putting trust in the event hosts.

“It’s great to be at hubs like Savvy House that allow us to show history and integrate with the community.”

-LaQueanya Henry, Owner of Sugar Coated Cupcakes

Further, Henry shares the benefit of Black History Month events as it gives exposure to education on what makes Black perspectives invaluable to the community.

Freshness Served in Sweets

Savvy House Coffee Bar provided colorful options for breakfast and lunch. Leftmost, fluffy french toast topped in powder sugar and whipped cream with a side of fruit. On the right, are a specialty item: frosted cookies and strawberries. Overall, options were extensive, from coffee and teas, to avocado toast and waffles.


In action! StaXxD Studio led a performance of step aerobics to pop music classics. Patrons gathered around front to witness the coordination of exercises, rotations and step dances. Onlookers interacted in the crowd and with each other. For example, Alana Mathews stated that interacting is one of her favorite campaign aspects.

“We all fit in well! In this empowering time that we’re in, absolutely don’t wait for the opportunity, create it.”

-Alana Mathews, Candidate for Sacramento County DA

Following, a poetry reading was led by Garnet Rogers about strength and experience. The audience was captivated by a powerful delivery of words. Additionally, Tina B and the Sacramento Soul Line Dancers and Daughters of the King Praise Dance Team gave moving performances. Onlookers clapped along and celebrated the movement.

Tina B and the Sacramento Soul Line Dancers
Photo Credit: Marissa Johnson


Throughout both days, vendors were ready with information about their community impact and connection to advocacy. In relation, speaking with the Sisters of Nia organization, they spoke about the importance of representation.

“Youth need to know that there were a lot of great things happening in Africa before slavery. They need to know all of the great accomplishments of their ancestors.”

Cynthia Smith, Sisters of Nia Representative

Groups like Sisters of Nia provide opportunities for previously neglected populations. In addition, holding spaces at events allows organizations to spread word about cultural diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Take Away

Photo Credit: Marissa Johnson
Mary L Pruitt of Mary Kay Cosmetics
Photo Credit: Marissa Johnson

The heart of a city is found in its people. Having safe spaces for open dialogue can be refreshing and a learning experience for all. Breaking bread over coffee is something the owner holds close in value.

“Even though we’re focused on Black history this month, all cultures’ history is still important to us. We want everyone to have a voice that can be heard.”

-Jamar Anderson, Store Owner

Savvy House Coffee Bar is located at 9630 Bruceville Road #104 in Elk Grove, CA. They are open at 8 a.m.-6 p.m. everyday. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram for future events.

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