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Launching EGT Reads, A Podcast For Literature-Loving Ears

Launching EGT Reads, A Podcast For Literature-Loving Ears

Do you like to listen to podcasts? Or maybe you like to listen to audiobooks? If so then you’re in luck. Elk Grove Tribune is launching EGT Reads, a biweekly podcast that publishes on Wednesday. EGT Reads picks a short story, poem, or an excerpt and our Content Editor, Jennifer Ip, reads it to you.

Without further ado, here is the first episode in the season.

The New Dress By Virginia Woolf

EGT Reads: Giants Of Iniquity, Read My Michelle Silveira EGT Reads

  1. EGT Reads: Giants Of Iniquity, Read My Michelle Silveira
  2. EGT Reads: Kanaka, read by Michelle Silveira
  3. EGT Reads: Between Will And Surrender
  4. EGT Reads: The Secret Garden
  5. EGT Reads: We The People: A Story of Internment in America, read by Michelle Silveira

For now, we are focusing on public domain works, but if you live in Northern California and would like us to read one of your works, let us know! We want to support our local artists and writers.

About The Author

Jennifer Ip

Jennifer Ip is our Staff Writer. Jennifer is a writer and small business owner in Elk Grove. She and her husband run a dog walking business together, and she also holds a Bachelor's degree in English. She has four years of publishing experience in different areas of writing: education, marketing, and blogging. Jennifer loves a good book, homemade food, and cuddling up with her dogs.

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