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ABC 10 Awards A Seat at the Table ‘We Stand For You’ Business Award”

ABC 10 Awards A Seat at the Table ‘We Stand For You’ Business Award”
Photo Credit: A Seat at the Table bookstore

ABC 10 has recognized A Seat at the Table bookstore for its outstanding community contributions! Awarded for April, they joined the club of monthly businesses to be recognized at ABC10’s, “We Stand For You” mixer in January 2023. Honorably, Sacramento businesses and Chambers of Commerce leaders were the deciders

Behind the Scenes

“Receiving this award really validated the leap of faith that was opening a new bookstore and cafe in the midst of a pandemic. As a mission-driven business, we exist to change the world”

Emily Autenrieth, A Seat at the Table Owner

One action Emily is especially excited about is their, “Free Books for First Graders” program. In detail, it is a program that celebrates milestones in literacy by giving a free book the 4,000+ first graders in the Elk Grove Unified School District. Events like these introduce the importance and fun of reading in today’s youth.

Welcoming Environment

Additionally, collaborations to create a welcoming space has been top priority from the start.

“It truly is an honor and has provided a moment to appreciate one another in this space in a different light and has thrown more fuel in our fire to continue the work that A Seat at the Table has been doing.”

Andrea Martinez, Employee

Andrea Martinez, an employee of A Seat at the Table, adds that fusing into Elk Grove’s culture has been smooth.

“it’s testament of how much the community has shown up for the business and we are truly so thankful for the interactions,” Martinez said, “whether it be online or in-person, because through each of them we continue to build an incredible community.”

Community Impact

Photo Credit: A Seat At the Table bookstore

“Our recognition as the ABC10 Business of the Month for April 2022 speaks to Elk Grove’s readiness to give everyone a seat at the table, connect as a community, learn more about each other’s experiences, and shop local. “

Emily Autenrieth, A Seat at the Table Owner

Overall, A Seat at the Table is a family friendly bookstore, cafe, and community hub. They work to build community, uplift the oppressed, and smash the kyriarchy through the power of books and coffee. Located at 9257 Laguna Springs Ste. 130, they’re open Monday-Saturday 8am-6pm, and Sunday 10am-2pm.

About The Author

Trinity Haynes

Trinity Haynes is our Staff Writer and Photographer. She is a freelance artist, activist, and more pursuing her degree in Business and Communications. Trinity has earned numerous academic accolades for design development and writing. As a Sacramento native, she immerses herself in organizations which better the community.

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