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Sticking To New Year’s Resolutions!

Sticking To New Year’s Resolutions!

Well, here we are, another year. Everyone was so excited to see 2020 go and to welcome 2021.  The new year has made quite an entrance. What are you going to do differently to affect change in your life and those around you?

A new year is sometimes seen as a fresh start. Or, a clean slate to finally achieve those goals previously put off. Whether you made resolutions or not, let’s talk about what they are, why so many people fail at them, and alternatives to making life-long changes that will withstand any storm. Additionally, I want to offer some tips to setting a purposeful intention for yourself and the world we live in.

New Year’s Resolutions

Wikipedia definition:

New Year’s resolution is a tradition, most common in the Western Hemisphere but also found in the Eastern Hemisphere, in which a person resolves to continue good practices, change an undesired trait or behavior, accomplish a personal goal, or otherwise improve their life at the start of a new year.

Studies show 8% of people who make resolutions stick to them, according to The Self Help Addict. Walk into any gym (pre-Covid) during the first weeks of January versus the middle of February to see this stark reality. The idea behind a resolution manifesting with a calendar year change is not psychologically sound reasoning.

It Takes Grit

As a Certified Personal Trainer and Life Empowerment Coach, I know it takes hard work, determination, and discipline to not only achieve a goal but to sustain it long-term. In fact, the two are very different conversations. Anybody can lose weight, start working out, eat right, save money, start speaking up against injustices (we have witnessed a surge of this), but it takes grit to continue over time. When life shows up, when you lose motivation, when your voice and actions make people uncomfortable, human tendency is to slow down, or worse, stop altogether.

To succeed in any new endeavor, there is a process that takes place in your psyche. The first step, acknowledge that there is a problem. As far as health is concerned, many are unaware (or believing the lie) that eating excessive sugar, carbs, living a non-sedentary life will not have a negative effect on their quality of life. Then, a doctor presents the news of high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Faced with the dilemma, one may be willing to admit that there is a problem before preparation (action plan) can even be explored. Rigorous honesty and action are vital to the ultimate success of any problem.

Fives Stages For Behavior Change

To explain, the transtheoretical model of behavior change shows five stages of behavior change. In order for a New Year Resolution to be successful, the first three stages have to have already been met pre-January.

Additionally, even if something is inherently good for you, it can be bad if done excessively. What? Yes, you can exercise too much. Work too much? Of course. Yes, you can be too strict on an eating plan. Excessive time and attention in any area, will make other areas in your life suffer. Maybe those excessive actions won’t show repercussions in the first year. The goal is to maintain good habits and remember, the goal is to reach sustainability.

Pie Chart

Design a pie chart of your life. Include things like Personal Development, Career, Health (exercise, recovery, wellness, sleep, eating right), Family, Social life, Social Justice etc. Each area should be worked in equilateral proportion to sustain a healthy, well-rounded life. Yes, some may overlap at times but beware there are unforeseen consequences. With every cause there is an effect. Life is like a boomerang, what you put out in the world, it will come back. Make sure it’s good health, kindness, love, tolerance, and a strong, courageous action against injustice.

Tips For Setting Intentions

  1. Acknowledge the problem.
  2. Ask and be aware of considerations i.e (Am I willing to do some work?)
  3. Set your intentions. (Have a solid “WHY” [purpose], and an action plan outlined)
  4. Find your tribe. (People who have experience achieving what you are setting out to accomplish)
  5. Get to work, NO MATTER WHAT!
  6. BE and DO BETTER in 2021.

Best wishes and success in 2021 and beyond.

About The Author

Lisa Stanley

Lisa Stanley is an auditor, business owner, and a local organizer. She inspires and empowers women through fitness to find their inner and outer strength by focusing on the mind and body.

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