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Little Brazil Steakhouse Brings Brazilian Cuisine to Elk Grove

Little Brazil Steakhouse Brings Brazilian Cuisine to Elk Grove

Little Brazil Steakhouse, located at 8698 Elk Grove Boulevard, brings an authentic Brazilian experience to the City of Elk Grove with its delicious meats, sides, and drinks.

They are open every day for lunch and dinner, but closed on Tuesdays.


Inside the restaurant, bright murals and decorations cover the walls. They seemingly transport you into the beautiful countryside of Brazil. To my delight, I was immediately greeted by the owner, Ronan Defarias, and his friendly staff. After explaining that it was our first time there, I was told how the dining experience worked. This made the experience much more relaxing.

Moreover, they operate on the, “pay what you weigh” system which is exactly as it sounds. After filling your plate, it is weighed and price is revealed. For lunch, the cost is $11.99 lb and dinner is $13.99 lb. This is very common to how one would eat in the country of Brazil, so the experience is very authentic. Now that you know how to order, let’s get into the food!

Menu Selections

Photo by Grace Davis
Photo by Grace Davis

Little Brazil serves their food on a buffet-style spread. Also, plastic gloves are provided in order to keep everything sanitary. Customers have the choice between a to-go plate and a dine-in plate, so there is no pressure to eat inside or eat out. The Hot Food section showcases sides dishes, which rotate depending on the day. Warm comfort food is the majority of what one will find. Most importantly, all of the side dishes are prepared daily, and made in-house.

“We make everything in the house – nothing is ever store bought or frozen.”

Ronan Defarias, Owner of Little Brazil Steakhouse

The cold food buffet is full of classics such as Brazilian style potato salad; Hot red pepper pasta salad, and pickled beets. After this section the most exciting part is, of course, the meat! The meats are cooked on rotating skewers. Once you e you have to do is point to what you would like to eat. From there, the restaurant owner will slice the desired amount onto your plate.

“The way we cut our meat is what makes Brazilian steakhouses so special. We cook ours daily and constantly rotate it on the grill”

Ronan Defarias, Owner

While every dish was delicious, some of our party’s favorite was the fried plantains, frilled pineapple, and spicy red pepper pasta salad. We promise you can’t go wrong with whatever you choose to eat!


If you’re in the mood to try something that you’ve never had before, then Little Brazil Steakhouse is a must-try! With fresh sides and meats, everyone in your party is guaranteed to love it. Happy Dining!

Little Brazil Steakhouse

8698 Elk Grove Blvd, Ste 3
Elk Grove, CA 95624


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