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Former EGUSD Trustee Jake Rambo Vindicated By Video Released By City of Elk Grove & Elk Grove Police Department

Former EGUSD Trustee Jake Rambo Vindicated By Video Released By City of Elk Grove & Elk Grove Police   Department

Protesters from the group Elk Grove Hmong Americans alleged that Jake Rambo tried to run them over after the Elk Grove Mayoral Debate in late 2020. Rambo is a former EGUSD Board Trustee. However, a video released by the City of Elk Grove and the Elk Grove Police Department vindicates him of any violent behavior.

The group Elk Grove Hmong Americans has aggressively attacked Mayor Singh-Allen and the other women who alleged harassment at the hands of former Mayor Steve Ly and his associates. Their pattern has been to attack and create falsehoods in an effort to manipulate and mislead the public. The harassment of the women who came forward is indeed ongoing.

The Mayoral Debate

The Elk Grove Mayoral Debate 2020 was held in the Wackford Aquatic Center. Participants Steve Ly, Brian Pastor, and Bobbie Singh-Allen met to debate and discuss issues affecting Elk Grove. Unfortunately, the debate was cut short due to protesters outside. Protesters used bullhorns, sirens, and their voices to disrupt the event.

Meanwhile, Jake Rambo was seen driving up in his van towards the protesters. Before the video was released, protesters alleged that he had driven his van “aggressively” up to them. They also alleged that Rambo intended to harm the protesters.

The Video

The City of Elk Grove and the Elk Grove Police Department decided to release the video of Rambo during the night of the debate. The video is 16 minutes long. It shows Rambo driving up to the protesters, parking, and then Rambo and another passenger getting out. Rambo is seen mingling with the protesters before entering the Wackford Aquatic Center.

Several minutes later, Rambo and the passenger are seen exiting the building. Then they enter the vehicle, which gets slowly surrounded by protesters. The vehicle carefully backs away from the protesters, and when there are no pedestrians in danger, the vehicle drives off.

On the video there are no protesters harmed and Rambo is not seen driving in an aggressive manner. There is no audio. The Elk Grove Police Department has confirmed that no crime was committed and that they consider this matter closed.

The Claims Continue

Elk Grove Hmong Americans claim that the full story was not told. On Twitter, the user claims that an 8 year old eyewitness told a detective the whole story. However, with the EGPD confirming that they consider this matter closed, we can say that Jake Rambo has been vindicated.

“After months of giving us the run around, @ElkGrovePD finally released video footage at the EG City Council meeting last night corroborating 8 year old’s eyewitness details of the mayor’s friend, Jake Rambo, driving his car aggressively up a walkway where Hmong protesters stood. drove in. What the video doesn’t take into account is the fact that before he drove to the back of the building, he yelled at a group of Asian protesters up front, “Stupid f Asians!” And what it doesn’t take into account is that after he got out of his car, Rambo was heard expressing that he wished he could have ran the protesters over. Here is the video released by EGPD. Smells like corruption. It is time for an independent investigation. We want the raw footage!”

Elk Grove Hmong Americans

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