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What New Restaurant or Retailer Do You Want to See Come to Elk Grove?

Last year the City of Elk Grove approved a 220,00 square foot shopping center at the intersection of Bruceville and Elk Grove Boulevards – called The Ridge. The project will be anchored by Costco. With a large anchor like Costco, attracting quality restaurants and retailers will be not be difficult. However, shouldn’t Elk Grove residents have a say in what new shops come to our city?

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What new restaurant or retailer would you like to see come to Elk Grove?
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Then What?

Please add your favorite retailer or restaurant to this poll and let’s spread the word and vote for our favorites. If a handful of retailers rise to the top, the Elk Grove Tribune will contact those retailers directly and put them in touch with City leaders and the owner of the shopping center.

Please take the poll and share with others so we have can make this happen.