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Hair Care: Which Supplement Is Best For You?

Hair Care: Which Supplement Is Best For You?

I’ve always been proud of my hair. It’s fun to style, fun to dye, and fun to cut (by a professional of course). I had begun to notice in the last year that my hair was thinning and becoming rather dry. Being only 19, I found this concerning! So my search for the best supplement began.


The search for the perfect supplement can be rather overwhelming. With so many options on the shelf, it can be hard to know which brand or type is best. Should I chose a pill or gummy? What brand is best for my system? What’s the most affordable option for my budget? These are all questions I took into consideration when making my final choice! I tested four different brands, and found benefits from all four! Let’s dive deeper!


Photo From the Care/Of website

The first company I tried was Care/Of, a vitamin subscription service based in Brooklyn, New York. To start, I took a brief quiz about my health and what I was looking to improve. From there, they evaluate the vitamins that I should be taking daily. Then they send a month’s worth of vitamins in individual bags.

Photo Credit: Grace Davis


In order to qualify for the free shipping, each subscription should have at least 4 vitamins, with each one costing as little as $5 to as much as $22. The keratin supplement cost $18. Overall, my total was $52 for one month (don’t worry, your first order is 50% off, so I only spent about $25). I absolutely loved having the individual bags for when I traveled and allowed for easy organization. The ingredients were pure and added no extra sugars or colors (likely because this was a pill). After a month, I did see a difference in my hair. While it still felt thin, the hair seemed stronger and less dry. So while this worked well, I wasn’t sure I could justify spending $52 a month for vitamins. Onto the next product!


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Sugar Bear Hair Co.

Photo from the SugarBearHair website

I was thrilled to try these as I had seen them all over social media! They’re pretty and adorable, so that was a huge selling point for me (haha)! It also helped that one of my close friends used them pretty religiously and was seeing crazy awesome results! I just neeeeedddddeeeddd to try them!!


One bottle cost $30 and could be found at Target. There are 60 gummies in each bottle, and you are told to take two a day, so the bottle lasts about a month. I loved the flavor! They tasted and smelled like cotton candy. The texture was very sticky, and made it hard for my teeth to chew. In terms of ingredients, I wasn’t thrilled. There were many added sugars, colors, and ingredients that I did not recognize. When I looked up the brand on social media, I found many websites that warned against some of the items used in them. So while I did see results, I decided to stay away from this brand because I do care about what goes in my body.


Photo from the Olly website

When I finished Sugar Bear Hair, I wanted to find a better product that was also cheaper. That’s when I found Olly. Olly has a large variety of vitamins for the body. They have probiotic options as well as multi-vitamins and melatonin. The brand is diverse and well known.


These can be found in many locations, Walmart, Target, Sephora, and Raleys to name a few. They range in price from $15-$20. The flavor is blood orange, and I really enjoyed this because it was very natural. Similar to the last product, each bottle is filled with 60 gummies, taking 2 a day. The ingredients in this product were much better than the previous brand and had mostly good reviews online. This was the first time I saw significant hair growth from using a supplement. I saw fairly drastic growth within only a month, and this is the first time my hair lady saw a drastic change in my hair. Overall, I was very happy with this brand.

Hello Bello

Photo Credit: Grace Davis

My final product is Hello Bello. Started by Kristen Bell, this vitamin is meant to be both adorable and made with clean ingredients. Using only vegan ingredients, these gummies are also filled with vitamin E and C, so they don’t just focus on hair.


I was honestly blown away by how much I loved this product! For one thing, they only cost $10 for 75 gummies! Found only at Walmart, these gummies are strawberry flavored and shaped like Dot candy. My hair grew 2 1/2 inches in about 2 months of using this product, which is a lot of growth for me. My hair has also grown so much stronger and healthier. I honestly have nothing but good things to say about this product, and it is the one that I went back and bought again.


I’ve had a blast the past few months testing these products. Remember that every product works differently depending on the person. What works for me may not work for others. However, I hope this gives you insight into some products to try to improve your hair’s health! Happy trying!!


About The Author

Grace Davis

Grace Davis is our Social Media Specialist & Staff Writer. Grace is a sophomore at Biola University. Her hometown is Elk Grove, Ca where she graduated from Cosumnes Oaks High School in 2019. She has a passion for cooking and Disney.


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