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OMG, The Bad Bakers Have Arrived!

OMG, The Bad Bakers Have Arrived!
Photo Credit: Michelle Silveira

The Bad Bakers have arrived in Elk Grove! May I add an OMG please? With plenty of welcomes and lots of love, this yummilicious donut affair has officially started their sweet relationship with us Elk Grovians. This soft opening and grand opening both took place just a few days ago at their newest location on Elk Grove Boulevard across from the Auto Mall. My vegan friends were quick to notify me that vegan donuts were offered here, and they were thrilled to announce that these donuts were indeed quite delicious!

An assortment of unique donuts for every palate
Photo Credit: Michelle Silveira


The Bad Bakers boast much love for the community as they aim to please their customers. BAD stands for bread and donuts, but love is their main ingredient. Kate and Vincent Tiuseco, a wife and husband team are the founders and owners. Their love for baking sweet treats evolved into opening up their very first bakery in Natomas. This happened in 2013, and they later opened up a Roseville location in 2017. They chose Elk Grove to be their next hot spot because of the strong sense of community and family in this city. Additionally, two more locations are soon to open up in the next few weeks, one in Folsom, the other in Arden.

Kate and Vincent are indeed the baddest of all bakers. They welcomed us with open arms and hugs, and quickly put together two gigantic boxes of scrumptious breads and delectable donuts to go. They were busy greeting their customers and schmoozing with the locals when I arrived. Yet, I took note that they both took their time to chat with me and my kids. They immediately charmed us from the get-go, and made us fans with their bubbly and vivacious personalities.

The customer service and etiquette at the Bad Baker is impeccable. The spirit of camaraderie and joy oozes from the owners, the employees, the food and the ambiance. This is a quick pick-up-and-go bakery, so there are no seating options. However, there is plenty of parking out in front. The interior of the Bad Bakers feels new, clean, vibrant, prosperous and warm. The aromas of savory pandesals and sweet kronuts encompass the air throughout the parking area. Customers appeared very happy and pleased with the goodies and the service here, just as much as we were!

Founders & Owners – Kate & Vincent Tiuseco
Photo Credit: Michelle Silveira


Mochi Donuts, Kronuts, Vegan Donuts, Caked Donuts, Raised Donuts, Bad Buns, Couch Potatoes, Bananaramas, Cookie Kravings, Pandesals, Filled Rolls, Senorita Bread, Ensaymadas..say no more! Bad Baker offers the most unique donuts, along with sweet and savory treats for every palate. Syringes filled with custard, strawberry, and chocolate fillings are added in each box of donuts, so that you can inject as much filling of your choice into your goodies. Each item we tasted was one better than the next! How clever are the Bad Bakers? I don’t think we will ever get enough of this place. With so many creative varieties offered on any given day, we were enamored by the glamorous looks and fabulous tastes in every dessert offered here.

Photo Credit: Michelle Silveira

I highly recommend the Staxx, which are golden rolls of warm, buttery, savory, sweet bread. The Mochi Donut was my favorite, very sugary on top with soft mochi on the inside. Every donut is so individually unique here, some with bacon toppings, others with popcorn and various cereal toppings. Sweet, soft, warm and crunchie delights in every bite is the only way I can explain this sugary, mouth-watering experience. The Bad Bakers is not just a terrific bakery, every bite of each item is an experience in itself. We have yet to go back for some Empanadas, Ube Ensaymadas, Staxx and yes, more of all the other donuts we have yet to try! I was highly impressed and I recommend that you stop by and try something..anything that looks inviting to you. You may just turn out to be huge fans after your first visit, just like we were.

Photo Credit: Michelle Silveira

Salamat, a big thank you in Filipino to Kate and Vincent, you truly are icons in the history of baking!

Cheers and a big welcome to the Bad Bakers in Elk Grove!

Photo Credit: Michelle Silveira


Address: 8403 Elk Grove Blvd., Suite 100, Elk Grove, CA. 95758

Phone: 916-883-BAKE



Instagram: @bad.bakers

Facebook: BAD Bakers

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