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Cafe La Vies Now Open!

Cafe La Vies Now Open!

There is a stylish new café open in Elk Grove called Café La Vies!

Located on the corner of Bruceville Road and Center Parkway, Café La Vies is in the 24-hour fitness parking lot – 8775 Center Parkway Suite E300 95823, to be exact. This warm and welcoming new cafe features both takeout and outdoor seating. The cafe’s convenient hours of operation are Sunday-Saturday from 8 am-8 pm. Café La Vies’s successful soft open was on February 2nd. The next time you are in the mood for a specialty coffee, fruity tea, or a bite to eat, stop by Café La Vies.

Health & Safety Measures

At Café La Vies, your safety comes first. The cafe adheres to strict health and safety measures. Social distancing is enforced. masks are required and contactless payments are taken. Upon entry, hand sanitizer and masks are available for guests in case you happen to forget yours.

A Welcoming Atmosphere

As an Elk Grove Tribune reporter, I visited Café La Vies during its soft opening earlier this month. I was greeted with happy smiles which made for a warm welcome. Human interaction, something as simple as a smile does wonders for the soul. That’s exactly what I got. The Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA of Sacramento) Board of Directors and owners, Anh Luu, Maymay Huang, and Kevin Phan were excited and willing to make my experience enjoyable.

Café La Vies’s décor is serene and cozy. The sun was shining bright and highlighted the beautiful tiled counters. Everything I ordered came clean and fresh. Perfect for a quiet place to get away to and enjoy a fresh cup of your favorite drink and or sweet treat.

Vietnamese Tiramisu Specialty Drink & Turkey and Cheese Croissant

I decided to try something different. After asking for an additional shot of espresso in my normal drink, Anh said she had what I might like. The Vietnamese Tiramisu. My coffee had the perfect strength of espresso with the right amount of sweetness. I highly recommend it. Paired with the turkey and cheese croissant, my mouth was in heaven. The meat and cheese were baked in the not too flaky croissant and served warm.

Fruittie La Vies

I couldn’t give a complete review without trying one of the tea selections. So, I chose the Fruittie La Vies. It was a perfect combination of fruit, citrus, and tea goodness. The fruit was fresh and not at all overpowering with sweetness. Café La Vies seriously has you covered, whether you are a coffee or tea person.

Our small businesses are in need of our support more now than ever. Visit Café La Vies today! Follow Café La Vies on Facebook at Café La Vies | Facebook.


About The Author

Lisa Stanley

Lisa Stanley is an auditor, business owner, and a local organizer. She inspires and empowers women through fitness to find their inner and outer strength by focusing on the mind and body.


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