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Handel’s Is Here!

Handel’s Is Here!

The day has finally come, Handel’s is here in Elk Grove! That’s right, Elk Grove has another ice cream shop. However, this place definitely doesn’t blend. Perhaps it will become a new fan favorite, it has for us here at the Elk Grove Tribune!

Founded originally in 1945, the Ohio-based chain has spread throughout the United States with the intention of serving fresh, homemade ice cream to families of all kinds. Elk Grove’s extension is located off of Laguna Blvd. across from The Old Spaghetti Factory. With that in mind, let’s get eating!


Photo by Grace Davis
Photo by Grace Davis

Like any new place here in Elk Grove, Handel’s was packed with people waiting in line. I was a bit surprised considering I was there on a chilly Monday evening. Unlike most ice cream shops, Handel’s does not have any indoor seating, so if you want to enjoy your treats, you must sit at one of their outdoor tables or take the food to go. While this is great for those breezy summer evenings, I do wonder if this will be an issue during the wintertime.

The staff was working hard, as they are still training. I would prepare for a bit of a wait depending on how many items you plan on ordering because it took quite a while for us to get all our treats. However, that did not ruin our experience in any way!

Nerds Hurricane

Photo by Grace Davis

Our first treat is called a Hurricane. Essentially, you can pick a topping to be blended in with Handel’s famous vanilla ice cream. These are hand-spun to order, so you know it tastes amazing! The vanilla flavor was strong, but not overpowering. I was nervous about trying nerds because sometimes they can be very hard when cold, but this was blended so that there was never a hard bite.

Handel Pops

Photo by Grace Davis
Photo by Grace Davis

These adorable pops are only $3.00 and the perfect if you aren’t in the mood for something super sweet or heavy. The chocolate melts in your mouth, and the ice cream doesn’t hurt your teeth when bitten into.

Ice Cream Scoop With Caramel Sauce

Photo by Grace Davis

This dish was a single scoop of banana cream pie ice cream with a drizzle of caramel sauce. We could not believe how spot-on the banana flavor was! The drizzle was the perfect addition to the scoop and gave it the perfect extra sweetness.

Two Scoop Cone

Photo by Grace Davis

My ice cream nearly fell off the cone before I could snap a picture! Not because of poor scooping, but because they give you so much ice cream! I selected French Silk Pie and Graham Central Station. What a combination! I felt like I was eating an ice cream version of my mom’s silk pie. I couldn’t believe it. The ice cream was packed with flavor, the texture was silky smooth, and the cone was crunchy. Overall, it was absolutly delicous.

The Sampler

Photo by Grace Davis

Finally, we got the sampler. With so many flavors, this was a must! We picked blueberry cobbler, chocolate peanut butter ripple, coffee chocolate chip, and pink champagne sorbet. Our favorite of the four was blueberry cobbler with pink champaign coming in a close second. The sampler is a great way to try some more flavors because there are just too many to choose from!


I cannot recommend this place enough! The ice cream is fantastic and the ambiance is fun. The prices are very reasonable if not cheaper than your average ice cream shop. Overall, I can see Handel’s becoming a new Elk Grove staple. Happy Dining!


7701 Laguna Boulevard
Elk Grove, California 95758



Sun-Sat: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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