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Mourning Family Of Tara Jessen Seeks Travelers to Take Stones on Vacation

Mourning Family Of Tara Jessen Seeks Travelers to Take Stones on Vacation

If you are traveling (on vacation or business), consider helping a local grieving family by simply taking a painted stone with you and taking a photo.  Long time Elk Grove resident Tara Jessen tragically passed away late last year at the age of 34.  Her family started a Facebook page called Tt’s Travels to help with their grieving process.  Tara always wanted to travel but did not get the chance.  Her family is painting stones with dragonflies on them to send with travelers on their journeys so Tara can symbolically travel the world.

Tara Jessen

Tara Jessen was 34 years old when she passed away in her sleep late last year.  She leaves behind 3 daughters.  Tara was born and raised in Elk Grove.  She attended McKee, Kerr, and Elk Grove High School.  Tara is described by her cousin Tiffany Clark as being a “Bright light who’s smile lit up the room” and having “gorgeous green eyes and dimples deep enough to eat Cheerios out of.”  She loved to travel and the family hopes the stones will make it to all the places she wanted to go to but never got the chance.

The Stones

Tara’s family is painting stones that come from her late grandmother’s backyard.  Each stone has been painted with a dragonfly.  The family says dragonflies symbolize someone who’s gone coming to visit.   The ladies in the family including Tara have dragonfly tattoos so the symbol is perfect for these stones.  Tiffany has been dropping off stones to people locally in Elk Grove who will be traveling and mailing them to people who live further away.  Mailing stones has become a costly endeavor.  If you’d like to contribute to their mailing and paint supply fund,  you can do so HERE.

How YOU Can Help

Tara’s birthday is February 20, she would have been 35.  The family is hoping to get 220 stones out by February 19 but they need help.  They are looking for Elk Grove people who will be traveling near or far to take stones with them.  People are asked to take a photo of the dragonfly stone in their travels and post it to the Tt’s Travels Facebook page.  When you are done traveling, you pass the rock onto another person who will be traveling.  If you can help them reach their goal, contact the family via the Tt’s Travels Facebook page and they will arrange for you to receive your stone.

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