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Hello Temaki Wows With Uni Toast & Unique Hand Rolls

Hello Temaki Wows With Uni Toast & Unique Hand Rolls

I’ve been wanting to check out Hello Temaki for awhile now. I expected your typical Japanese faire, with some rolls and sashimi, maybe some chicken teriyaki or udon on the menu. I really didn’t expect to have a very unique experience with some avant garde dishes that made my taste buds happy and were also a pleasure to look at. I was completely blown away!!

The Atmosphere

When you walk in, you can see a sushi bar in the middle, and some tables on either side. The decor is ultra modern with a sleek and clean look to it. I really liked how they positioned the sushi bar in the middle so that people could watch the chef make their food. It’s really a nice touch. I would definitely recommend sitting at the sushi bar so you can see the chef make your food.

The Food

I really didn’t realize until after I sat down that the menu of Hello Temaki is really not like your typical Japanese restaurant. Usually, Japanese restaurants specialize in either sushi and sashimi or seafood, have a combo of sushi and items like chicken teriyaki. You’ll also have your typical ramen joints with a few appetizers. However, at Hello Temaki, the hand rolls are the clear star of the show. They are served almost like a taco, in a wooden dish that holds it all together.

Uni Toast

The Uni Toast with Japanese uni, bluefin tuna, prosciutto, and truffle aioli was probably my favorite item. It was so unique with the freshly cut bluefin, decadent uni on top, and even little bits of gold and some flower petals on top. The crunch of the toasted bread provided just the right texture. Otherwise the dish would have had too many soft items in it. My dining companion and I devoured every single bite and even contemplated ordering another round of this. The Uni Toast is a MUST TRY!

Wagyu and Uni Premium Hand Roll

Wagyu and Uni Premium Hand Roll

The Wagyu and Uni Premium Hand Roll was by far my favorite roll. Because the hand roll was filled with tender pieces of wagyu and topped with delicious uni, the roll seemed very decadent. I felt almost regal as I ate it. The wagyu was so moist and meaty. I could have eaten that wagyu all day long. This is also a MUST TRY!

Ika Mentai Hand Roll

Ika Mentai

My dining companion wanted to try something different so we went for the Ika Mentai hand roll with squid, spicy cod roe, lemon zest, and shiso leaf. This roll was good if you like squid. It is grilled to just the right texture and the cod roe seems to add another layer of flavor and texture to the dish.

Hamachi Sashimi

Hamachi Sashimi

We also got the Hamachi Sashimi. It was freshly sliced with a little bit of citrus and yuzi on top. It was served with a little side salad that complimented it well. I could tell that the fish was very fresh and I really liked that they served it with the citrus.

Lycheetini & Lavender Garden

We weren’t sure what drinks to get. I typically like a fruity drink so I asked if they could make me a Lycheetini. The restaurant was happy to oblige. Our waiter also suggested something called the Lavender Garden so we also ordered that. Both drinks were quite fruity. I found the Lycheetini to be strong and delicious. The Lavender Garden also tasted faintly of lychee and soju with some fruity foam on top. I would actually highly recommend both drinks.


Overall, I really enjoyed the food, the atmosphere and the experience at Hello Temaki. The customer service was on point.

It was really cool to be able to see the Chef make the food in front of me. I would definitely recommend sitting at the sushi bar. This is the perfect place for a date or just if you want a nice meal out.

The Uni Toast and the Wagyu and Uni Premium Hand Roll are MUST TRY items! Don’t worry if you want to bring the kiddos. They have a Miso Barbecue Chicken, an Udon Noodle Soup, and a Chicken Karaage that looks delicious if you have some kids or adults who don’t want raw fish. I plan to return soon to try the King Crab Premium Hand Roll, the Spicy Hokkaido Scallop Premium Hand Roll, and the Hokkaido Uni Pasta! Hello Temaki is EGT APPROVED!!

Owner Feng Liang with Hello Temaki Chefs Yoshi Imai, Pheng Khang, & Kevin Le

Hello Temaki

(916) 755-6821

Hello Temaki is owned by Feng Liang, An Le Hoang, and Larry Hoang. Liang is also one of the partners of Umai Bar & Grill. Feng wanted to create a place in Elk Grove to enjoy delicious culinary creations using fresh fish and seafood. She and her partners decided to create a menu with hand rolls using premium ingredients to create something a little different and out of the box.

“Thank you so much for all the love and support Everyone. We couldn’t do it without you guys! I am proud to be a part of this community in Elk Grove. If you haven’t come by yet, please come by and check us out!”

Feng Liang, Owner of Hello Temaki

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