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Community Spotlight: Kelly Boyles, Owner Of Milk House Shakes

Community Spotlight: Kelly Boyles, Owner Of Milk House Shakes

Photograph Credit: Downtown Sacramento

Here at the Elk Grove Tribune, we like to showcase our amazing community and the incredible people in it. This month, we are featuring Kelly Boyles, a longtime resident of Elk Grove and the owner of Milk House Shakes in Old Sacramento. Milk House Shakes is a milkshake and coffee shop in the beautiful Old Sacramento Waterfront District that sells milkshakes named after former presidents.

History of Milk House Shakes

Boyles has had a passion for History since she was a kid. In high school, she wanted to be a History teacher, but plans changed in her collegiate years. While in college, she found herself frequenting a milkshake shop on campus, and that’s where the concept of Milk House Shake began. Boyles began to dream about one day combining her love for American History and her love for milkshakes.

Boyles began running this idea by family and friends. Then, in 2017, she entered the Calling All Dreamers competition, a yearly competition put on by the Downtown Partnership for small businesses. She won! After building up shop, Boyles opened Milk House Shakes in 2019 on Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, February 12!

Boyles has used her fun-loving personality and her fine-tuned research skills to make fun and factual connections between her milkshakes and the presidents that they are named after. For example, the Jimmy Carter Shake is a peanut butter shake because his family were infamous peanut farmers. Not only do her customers enjoy a delicious treat, they also get to learn a thing or two about U.S. History!

Elk Grove Proud

As a former student of Kerr Middle School and Elk Grove High School, Boyles is a proud Elk Grove City resident with some of her favorite childhood memories stemming from growing up and playing sports in the Elk Grove community.

Milk House Shakes will be celebrating its One Year Anniversary on February 12, 2020. Be sure to check them out! You won’t regret it! And in the words of Boyles herself, “Life is an adventure – say yes!”

Location and Hours

Old Sacramento Historic District
1100 Front St Suite 140, Sacramento, CA 95814

Sunday: 1-5PM
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 12-6PM
Wednesday: 12-6PM
Thursday: 12-6PM
Friday: 12-8PM
Saturday: 12-8PM

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