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Op-Ed: Enough, Steve Ly, Enough

Op-Ed:  Enough, Steve Ly, Enough

Op-Ed By José S Reynoso

Let me lead off by saying that I am in full support of Bobbie Singh-Allen for Mayor of the City of Elk Grove. I did not know Bobbie until 2012 when along with 2 other gentlemen the 4 of us were seeking appointment to the Elk Grove Unified School District Board of Education. It was to fill the seat and finish the term held by Pollyanna Cooper-LeVangie, who was moving out of the district.

We all chatted in a room where we had been sent to await the decision of the board. After a few hours of sitting and waiting we were called in and the decision was read, Bobbie Singh-Allen had been selected. It was a good choice and at least I left satisfied with the outcome.

Here is where Steve Ly comes in. A few days later I was contacted by Ly who wanted to sit and have a cup of coffee. I accepted and joined him and another gentleman for the cup of Joe. He apparently was present at the School Board proceeding. He expressed his disapproval of the appointment process and felt that the Board should have held a special election to fill the position. He also felt that Bobbie was the wrong person for the job.

He then asked me to head a committee that would seek to remove Bobbie for the post and demand a special election. I told him, I had no problem with the process and that she was deserving of the appointment. In addition, I told him that the hundreds of thousands of dollars that a special election would cost the district should be better spent on the children of the district. And that if I headed this committee it would make it sound like I was just a sore loser. After that, meeting ended and we all went home.

A few months later, Ly called me again and asked me for my endorsement in his run for a seat on the School Board. I agreed, but I asked him if he’s running for the school board was just a stepping stone for further political posts and he said “NO”…! So I did an endorsement video at his house and he went on to win. One year into his 4-year term and he decides he’s running for City Council. The man lied to me and that was it.

When all the allegations surfaced about his other unethical actions, it did not surprise me.

I don’t know about all the other accusations against Steve Ly but I know firsthand about this one, and when he claims in political mailers and in news reports that they are false, I know in this case he is lying. That’s the kind of individual he is. With all that is happening on the national scene, the last thing we need is for that political atmosphere to pollute our community.

So I urge you to vote for integrity and family values.

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