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Pho For Seniors Lifts Up Our Community

Photo Credit: Samantha Tov, Real Estate Broker & Owner of Portfolio Real Estate

For the past seven weeks, the Community Partners Advocate of Little Saigon Sacramento (CPALS) has lifted up seniors in our community by bringing them food on Saturday. Local area businesses worked with CPALS. Each week, sponsors donated funds while one local business provided the food. Every Saturday, volunteers from the community, as well as, each sponsoring entity came to help package the food and then distribute it to seniors in the Elk Grove, South Sacramento, and Greenhaven areas.

Samantha Tov, Tony Tran, Nikki Nguyen, Mai Nguyen, Neo Trinh, & Malyna Phan
Photo Credit: Mai Nguyen

It took a lot of careful planning for CPALS to implement this community project. Indeed, the officers of CPALS, in particular, Executive Director Mai Nguyen, Marketing Director Neo Trinh, President Kevin Nguyen, and Vice President Nikki Nguyen worked hard to draw in local community sponsors and volunteers. They also worked closely with the Asian Real Estate Association of America (Sacramento Chapter) and President Malyna Phan. Nikki mentioned that “We just want to make sure some of the elders in our community feel loved.” She expressed concern for the members of the community who are very old or who live alone.

Ken Taing of Premier Financial Alliance
Photo Credit: Samantha Tov

Many local recipients said they looked forward to getting food each Saturday. Florence Wong of Sacramento was quite appreciative. “Thank you again for all these wonderful meals. This past Saturday a very nice gentleman delivered the lunch with a lovely flower. Thank you all for the labor of love!”

Although, this project has been concluded, CPALS has stated that they would like to do something similar in the future and they are keeping the lists of seniors who would appreciate a nice meal. The members of CPALS seem to genuinely enjoy uniting businesses and caring individuals together while lifting up the local community.

Community Partners Advocate
of Little Saigon Sacramento

On their website CPALS describes themselves as fulfilling a “need for energetic, nonprofit work in this area” and an organization which provides “sensible solutions.”  Their “mission is to engage in community development and enrichment by supporting and connecting community partners with residences, resources, recreations, and referral resources, such as local business services, statewide government assistance programs, and other community resources to local underserved communities.”

Theresa Ihara, Dr. Jacqueline (Jax) Cheung, Carissa Cheung, & Roxana Cheung
Photo Credit: Jacqueline Cheung

Thank You To All Sponsors

Thank you to all the local sponsors for allowing this community project to become a reality. This is how our community should be, caring and becoming stronger by working together.

Sac County Board of Sup. Patrick Kennedy  |  City of Sac CM Eric Guerra City of Elk Grove CM Darren Suen |  City of Elk Grove CM Stephanie Nguyen | Samantha Tov (Portfolio Real Estate)  |  Kevin Lee (KCL Quality Care) | Tami Nelson (Los Rios Community College Trustee) |  Malyna Phan (loanDepot & AREAA) | Quan Nem Ninh Hoa  |  Pho Bistro  |  Mamie’s Administrative Services  |  Ken Taing (Premier Financial Alliance)  |  Vivian Hoang  |  Vietnamese Senior Association  |  Hannah Nguyen (Loan Factory)  |  Tina Nguyen (Anew Lending)  |   Hieu Lam (Anew Lending)  |  Pho Kim Anh  | Ken Avalino (Montridge Real Estate)  | Peter Phong (Chason’s Crab Stadium)  |  Tracy Tran (Farmers Insurance)  |  Tuan Tran (3T Homes)  |  Ben Ludington (loanDepot)  |  Michelle Zhu (New York Life)  | Corey Deroo (Florin Road Partnership)   |  Huong Lan Sandwiches Keaton Riley (Stardog Foundation)  | Dr. Jacqueline (Jax) Cheung (Elk Grove Tribune)  | Siew Yee Lee  |   Elaine Tseng  |   Albert Francis (Francis Constructions)  | Ha Noi Phở Billy Tsoi (BnP Granite)  |  Susan Gilliam (Amandeep Singh Farmers Ins)  |  Jonathan & Cynthia Lam (Pegasus Bakery & Cafe)  | Mary Lee (Amour Florist & Bridal)

Photo Credit: Mai Nguyen


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