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Sharetea: New Late Night Hang Out In Elk Grove

Sharetea: New Late Night Hang Out In Elk Grove

Winter Melon with Lemon Juice, Coffee Crema, QQ Happy Family Milk Tea, Cotton Candy: Strawberry Raspberry blended, Blueberry boba, and Vanilla Ice Cream from Sharetea

Sharetea, a well known Taiwanese boba and tea chain, opened in Elk Grove on Dec 9. On the menu are fruit tea, brewed tea, milk tea, creama drinks, ice blended drinks, and the Raindrop Cake. The Elk Grove location of  Sharetea is owned by a young man named Alan who you might recognize as one of the former employees of Journey To The Dumpling.  Sharetea was established in 1992 in Taiwan and now in 18 different countries.  Their website says there are only 58 locations in North America and we are lucky enough to have one in Elk Grove.


First of all, Sharetea Elk Grove is located on Elk Grove Blvd and Auto Center Drive on the west side of 99.  With a wide range of teas, drinks, and boba options, there should be something on the menu for everyone.  The location is open from 11am to midnight daily except on holidays.  Alan said he wanted to create a milk tea place where people could come to hang out.  He wanted his location to feel like ones seen in San Francisco and New York City.  Also, the location is definitely darker and moodier than most tea places in town.  There’s a more modern feel which is very attractive to the Instagram loving crowd.

Raindrop Cake with Soy Bean Flour, Sugar Syrup, and Optional Red Beans from Sharetea

Unique Offerings

Furthermore, adding to the Instagram appeal Sharetea offers beautiful layered drinks and the elusive Raindrop Cake.  The Raindrop Cake was developed by Darren Wong from Smorgasburg in New York based on a dessert popular in Japan.  The “cake” is made from mineral water and agar which comes from seaweed.  The cake itself has a very mild flavor but is served with roasted soy bean flour, sugar syrup, and optional red beans.  This is the first raindrop cake I’ve seen in our area.  For only $3.45, it’s worth a try.

The menu of Sharetea currently offers fruit tea, brewed tea, milk tea, creama drinks, ice blended drinks, and the Raindrop Cake.  The tea is tested each growing season to ensure consistency and quality.  Also, they make fresh tea every two hours therefore everyone who comes in gets a fresh drink.  Furthermore, Sharetea prides itself on quality ingredients.  Alan uses real fresh fruit rather than syrups and organic milks in the drinks.   Alan said more interesting dessert options are coming such as egg puffs and taiyaki.

The Elk Grove Sharetea location has special layered drinks that have ice cream on top as well. There were so many drinks that it was hard for our family to choose.  I especially enjoyed the Cotton Candy boba with  the Blueberry boba and mixed Strawberry and Raspberry flavors. I also liked the Coffee Crema.

In conclusion, in a town full of boba shops Sharetea really does offer something different.  Their modern look and unique menu offerings have great crowd appeal.  While I was there, they had a constant stream of people coming in and out. Their teas and boba drinks are fresh and yummy. Definitely try the Cotton Candy boba and the Coffee Crema!   I look forward to trying the new menu items as they become available.

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