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Bring The Kids To Keema’s Pumpkin Farm!


Fall is here and it’s time to take the kids to Keema’s Pumpkin Farm. If you are looking for wholesome family fun that includes petting farm animals and picking out a pumpkin, this then idyllic location is perfect. Located a few miles south of Elk Grove, this family opens their farm to the public for some autumn festivities. Admission is $4 for children ages 2 – 12, and $6 for 13 and up. The admission fee includes the corn maze, hayrides, a chance to meet farm animals, and other activities.



A Cloudy and Pumpkin-y Day

I decided to go to Keema’s Pumpkin Farm on opening day and was pleasantly surprised to see their parking lot full. It was early afternoon, and the public was eager to visit. It’s hard not to notice the scenery or the smells. The air is crisp with the smell of hay and horses, and the farm is surrounded by greenery. The decor is rustic and cute, with thought put into the children who will be visiting. There are plenty of families here with their little ones, and I can hear their laughter and screams of delight. I felt a little out of place, as I was going here by myself, and wished that I had brought a cousin or a niece with me. But, I also wanted to buy a pumpkin, and see the farm animals. (Quite frankly, I am more of an animal person than a people person).


Fortunately, there is more than enough space to accommodate multiple families, and the staff made sure there were plenty of places to take photos, like near the tractor or the photo stand-in. The hayride was a hit, as people waited for their turn. Many of the animals that were present were babies. A tub full of baby chicks merely days old was carefully watched by their dog mama, Ellie (or El). A small pen kept two piglets who were weeks old, and adjacent to them were two shy calves. Additionally, there were chickens and horses — and I’m told that goats will make their appearance soon.



I left with a small pumpkin, a mini hale bay, and a contented smile. Fall is my favorite season, and events like this remind me why. I highly encourage you to check out Keema’s Pumpkin Farm with your family.

Keema’s Pumpkin Farm

6532 Point Pleasant Rd
Elk Grove, CA 95757
(916) 684-2334

Hours Tuesday-Friday 11 AM -6 PM, Saturday & Sunday 10 AM – 6 PM, Halloween 11 AM-4 PM

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