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Celebrating The Grand Opening Of The Elk Grove Animal Shelter

The Ribbon Cutting at the Grand Opening of the Elk Grove Animal Shelter

The Grand Opening of the Elk Grove Animal Shelter

The grand opening of the Elk Grove Animal Shelter took place this past weekend, on October 12, with a great big celebration. Mayor Steve Ly cut the big, orange ribbon, with loud applauds from city leaders and animal lovers. Heartwarming speeches preceded the ribbon cut, encouraging the public to adopt and care for all animals. A large crowd of a couple of hundred attended the celebration, each eager to adopt, volunteer or donate to the shelter.

Upon entering the beautiful and brand new facility, we were welcomed by friendly shelter employees. Guests were bestowed with impressive gift bags, in the form of a backpack with pictures of dogs and cats. In addition, tables were set up throughout the facility with plenty of gifts and goodies to take home. Some of the souvenirs were pet water servers for cats and dogs, poopy bags in fire hydrant keychains, hand fans, pet toys and magnets, all promoting the Elk Grove Animal Shelter.

An assortment of pet treats was also generously laid out for guests to either take home or to feed the shelter animals. Outside, sat greeting tables of additional gifts and treats for the animals, along with plenty of hot dogs, chips, sodas for visitors, all provided by the city of Elk Grove. This grand opening was special, a fabulous celebration for the residents of Elk Grove, done with tremendous class and style.

The Elk Grove Animal Shelter

This is Elk Grove’s first and long-awaited animal shelter. It boasts a brand new state of the art facility, filled with beautiful paintings of animals, comfy modern sofas, large greeting rooms, long hallways, and spacious kennels. It includes a spay and neuter clinic. In addition, the interior and the exterior of the entire facility are highly guarded and monitored with top of the line security cameras to protect the voiceless guests of honor at the shelter.

The exterior boasts the most beautiful of all doggy playgrounds, runways, play structures, obstacles courses, along with grassy knolls and swiveled walkways. Additionally, two beautiful statues of a dog and a cat boldly sit outside the shelter, as if welcoming all who arrive. Plenty of parking spaces are available in a very large parking lot that  sits directly in front of the shelter, making it convenient for seniors and disabled guests.

$17.6 million well-spent dollars on 22,000 square feet make up this incredible facility. It was built to hold 65 dogs and 55 cats, without the sharing of kennels. 26 employees will run the shelter. In addition, this is not a typical shelter and there is none quite like this one. It is designed to be a happy place for animals and people alike. This shelter exudes an aura of hope, love, protection, safety, and comfort for all the animals, who are highly valued guests of honor.

The shelter will be open to the public Tuesdays through Sundays from 12 PM to 6 PM. It will be closed on Mondays and on city holidays. It will cost the city approximately 2.5 million dollars to operate annually. It will offer adoption, foster and reunification services for stray, escaped, or abandoned dogs, cats, and other adoptable pets.

City of Elk Grove presents its first Animal Shelter (Photo by Michelle Silveira)
Elk Grove’s Mayor Steve Ly (Photo Credit – America Love)


Elk Grove Animal Shelter offering Snacks to Furry Friends (Photo Credit – America Love)


Arnie & June Levine at Friends of Elk Grove Animal Shelter (Photo Credit – America Love)

 Friends of Elk Grove Animal Shelter

Arnie and June Levine are the founders of the non-profit agency called Friends of Elk Grove Animal Shelter (F.E.G.A.S.). This agency supports animals and families in need. Their motto is “To serve a voice that cannot speak & passion for the care and rescue of unwanted, abused, stray and abandoned animals to give them a second chance at the life they deserve.”


The Animals at the Elk Grove Animal Shelter

The Pet Mascot of the Elk Grove Animal Shelter (Photo Credit – America Love)
Clarabelle “the most walked dog” at E.G.A.S.


Waiting for a forever home (Photo Credit – America Love)


10 year old Chihuahua Mix Rooney- waiting to be adopted (Photo Credit – America Love)


Newly Adopted – Feebas & Sally (Photo Credit – America Love)


4 week old kittens – soon to be ready for adoption (Photo by Michelle Silveira)


2 year old Shero arrived on 9-29, still waiting to be adopted (Photo Credit – America Love)

The State-of-the-Art Facility

Beautiful Paintings of Animals throughout the facility (Photo by Michelle Silveira)


The entrance of  the Animal Shelter (Photo Credit – America Love)


Top of the line furniture, state of the art facility (Photo by Michelle Silveira)


The Dog Adoption Section with greeting rooms and viewing areas (Photo by Michelle Silveira)


A beautifully manicured landscape for dog walks (Photo by Michelle Silveira)


The Donation Drop-Off Room (Photo by Michelle Silveira)

Pet Adoptions at the Grand Opening

Heartwarming pet adoptions occurred all day at the grand opening. Families multiplied that day as they welcomed their new furry family members into a forever home. This was a day of celebration for many pets who were adopted, and for the families who were so grateful for the opportunity to be pet parents and guardians.

10 week old Sally posing for the camera, happily adopted at the grand opening (Photo Credit – America Love)
Sally was adopted by this beautiful family (photo by Michelle Silveira)


Toasty Marshmellow being adopted at the grand opening (Photo by Michelle Silveira)


Pets and owners visiting the Animal Shelter (Photo by Michelle Silveira)

 Meeting Furry Friends

Kiddos with the beautiful E.G.A.S. goody-bag backpacks filled with treats  (Photos by Michelle Silveira)


Families connecting with cats waiting to be adopted (Photo by Michelle Silveira)


Animal lovers connecting with the pups (Photo by Michelle Silveira)


The 5 Freedoms – Motto of the Elk Grove Animal Shelter (Photo by Michelle Silveira)


Adoption Fees (Photo by Michelle Silveira)


City of Elk Grove Animal Shelter (Photo Credit – America Love)

Volunteers can apply online, donations are welcomed and pet adoptions are available now. Congratulations to the City of Elk Grove on your first and brand new animal shelter!

Upcoming Events

October 26 – Animal Adoption Event

Oct 26 – Dogtoberfest

Oct 27 – Animal adoption Event


Elk Grove Animal Shelter

9150 Union Parkway
Elk Grove, CA

Animal Services Mainline: 916-687-3042

After Hours Non-emergency line: 916-714-5115

Hours: Tuesdays – Sundays 12 PM – 6 PM, closed on Mondays & city holidays

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