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El Dorado County Sheriff’s Deputy Killed In Line Of Duty

An El Dorado deputy lost his life in the line of duty on October 23, 2019. The sheriff deputy was Brian Ishmael who served 4 years for El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Deputy Brian Ishmael and his ride-along from San Joaquin Sheriff’s Office Deputy responded to a service call.  During this time, the 28-year-old San Joaquin deputy ride-along was off-duty. The call was made sometime around midnight in Sand Ridge Road in Somerset, CA. The call was made due to some marijuana crops were stolen from a home.

Upon entering the house, Ishmael was shot and killed. As a result of the gun fire, the other deputy returned fire and was shot. After that, the deputy was taken to the hospital for his injuries. At the hospital, he received surgery and is expected to recover from the injuries. Additionally, the San Joaquin deputy wants to assist El Dorado County with the investigation.

The Aftermath

Ishmael’s body was transported to the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office.During that time, the transport was saluted by firefighters and officers saluted throughout procession.

So far, two people were arrested regarding the incident. Meanwhile, the investigation is still ongoing. El Dorado County issued an active shooter reporter shortly after Ishmael was shot. A helicopter was dispatched in addition to a “large contingent of officers” to Sand Ridge Road.

Ishmael is survived by his wife and three children.

If you would like to donate to Ishmael’s memorial, please visit this link.

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