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Fire Wings Delta Shores Draws Crowds At Grand Opening

Fire Wings Delta Shores Draws Crowds At Grand Opening

The Grand Opening

Last weekend Fire Wings at Delta Shores held their Grand Opening.  A massive line formed with hungry people all seeking a taste of the popular wings. Since we were hungry, we simply hopped in and joined the masses. It was quite an event, with no empty tables in sight. On Saturday September 15, all combos sold at Fire Wings were buy one get one free.

Fire Wings has become something of an icon in the Sacramento area. Fire Wings was the winner of Best Overall Wings Award & Best Specialty Wings Award in the Sactown Wings People’s Choice Awards. So if you haven’t had them yet, you’re definitely missing out! If you’re familiar with Fire Wings, then you are most likely thrilled that they have another location close to Elk Grove.

Fire Wings Delta Shores is owned by Billy Phong. He also owns Fire Wings in Manteca and Lodi. There is one other Fire Wings in Sacramento near Sheldon which is owned by one of Billy’s business partners.

The Menu

You can get your wings in 21 different flavors at Fire Wings. There are  Asian flavors such Saigon Street, Peking, Dragon, Korean Kick, Peanut Butter, Teriyaki, and Thai Chili. The hot flavors are Mango Habernero, Fire Wing, Sriracha, Original Buffalo, Buffalo Stampede, Original BBQ, and BBQ Chipotle.  The seasoned flavors are Garlic Parmesan, Cali Rub, Jamaican Jerk, Louisiana Rub, Malaysian Curry Rub, Lemon Pepper, and Salt & Pepper. From what we can see Lemon Pepper, Garlic Parmesan, Fire, Buffalo, and Peanut Butter are some of the most popular wing flavors on the menu. The menu also boasts sides such as Garlic Noodles, Mac-N-Cheese, Zucchini Sticks, Tater Tots, Stuffed Jalapenos, Mozzarella Sticks, and Hawaiian Rolls. For those preferring salads, Fire Wings has Caesar Salad, House Salad, Thai Chicken Salad, and Asian Chicken Salad on the menu. Plenty of beers are also on tap.

Fire, Garlic Parmesan, Lemon Pepper, & Jamaican Jerk Wings

Patrons that we spoke to seemed happy to be at the Grand Opening Celebration of Fire Wings. Indeed, with the location of the restaurant a few yards away from the new Delta Shores Theater and popular stores such as Daiso in walking proximity, there is no doubt that Fire Wings will remain a popular spot at Delta Shores.

What We Liked

The wait for our food at Fire Wings was totally worth it. I personally liked the Garlic Parmesan, the Lemon Pepper, and the Fire flavored wings. My husband really liked the Fire wings the best, but he also liked the Peanut Butter, and the Malaysian Curry Wings. I’m making it my personal mission to come back and try more of the wing flavors. Although I liked some wing flavors more than others, I also technically didn’t taste a single wing flavor that I disliked at all. My daughters totally devoured the Lemon Pepper wings.

The decor is inviting with a good amount of tables. We especially liked the high tables and stools. Also, the beers on tap do a lot to keep the flow of the restaurant going. I mean, what’s not to like when you have tasty wings and beer?

I have two daughters and I can say that Fire Wings is a good restaurant for kids. Chances are you can find a wing flavor your kids will like and if your kids are picky there are also noodle options. We fit our stroller into the restaurant even though it was crowded so it’s safe to conclude that patrons with strollers should be fine.

Salt & Pepper Wings & Peanut Butter Wings with fries
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Crawford


The customer service was spot on. What do I mean by that? Well, my daughter knocked over a glass and an employee instantly appeared with towels and a mop. She even brought me a new glass. When our food was served, they apologized for the wait, and then asked if there was anything else they could get me. When we were finishing up, I was asked if I wanted boxes and a bag.


Overall, Fire Wings is a great family friendly restaurant with tasty wings and good beer. The prices are reasonable. Furthermore, the customer service is spot on, the atmosphere is inviting, and it’s location is perfect. Seriously, it’s so close to the theater and Daiso and other stores that the location couldn’t be better. I don’t mind driving from Elk Grove to Delta Shores at all and will likely be visiting Fire Wings after hitting up Daiso on a regular basis. I really enjoyed going to the Grand Opening of Fire Wings and I definitely recommend you grab your family or friends and check it out!

Fire Wings

8144 Delta Shores Circle S, Suite #140
Sacramento, CA 95832
(916) 246-9579

Salt & Pepper Wings & Mango Habernero Wings Photo Credit: Joshua Perry

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